Vehicle Shipping Australia from the UK – The Do’s and Don’ts!

Vehicle Shipping Australia from the UK – The Do’s and Don’ts!

Previously, we spoke how to prepare when moving overseas with your belongings! There are processes and rules that you have to comply with before vehicle shipping Australia. To be sure the package reaches its destination unharmed, familiarize yourself with regional and Australian customs and laws. When transporting autos or auto parts to Australia from the UK, some guidelines need to be fulfilled. They can be divided into DOs and DON’Ts.

Vehicle Shipping Australia – The Do’s!

Before completing a purchase and beginning with the shipping procedure, it’s essential to comprehend the regulations to manage all the information. There are a few Do’s that you have to adhere to while vehicle shipping Australia:

Thorough Research

The initial step you can take is to carry out thorough research on the car or parts you are interested in exporting. Tariffs and customs policies of that country determine what may and can’t be shipped over. Due to these international customs laws, you might have to pay fees or taxes. 

Register of Approved Vehicles for Import Approval

Import approval is required before an automobile can pass customs at the point of entry into Australia. When a car arrives in Australia without import approval, it is typically required to pay costly storage costs until one is secured. It is suggested that you hold off on shipping vehicle  Australia until you have obtained import authorization. If your car gets shipped before you receive approval and it arrives before your application is processed, the shipping company or goods forwarder may charge storage fees. Importing a car without permission is against the law, therefore you risk legal repercussions as well.

Customs clearance, taxes, and import duties

Nearly every vehicle that enters Australia has to cover taxes on imports, the amount of which varies according to the vehicle’s age, value, and place of origin. The standard Customs Duty rate is 5% of the FOB value, with very few exceptions. The main Customs Duty exemption is provided for specific vehicles over 30 years old that satisfy the following requirements:

  • Pickup or utility, Gas or Diesel, The Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of a vehicle designed mainly for the transportation of goods is limited to 3.5t.
  • Motor vehicles and other vehicles (like station wagons) designed mainly for the transportation of two or more individuals (including the driver) are classified as passenger motor vehicles; these vehicles are not included.

GST (General Sales Tax)

All imported cars in Australia are subject to the General Sales levy (GST), which is a highly widespread levy. GST must be paid at the time of importation and is based on a flat 10% of the landing price in Australia plus customs duty.

The Vehicle Shipping Australia – The Don’ts!

Until you have obtained a vehicle import approval, do not import a vehicle into Australia!

Every car entering Australia has to have a valid import approval. Cars that enter Australia without import permission usually have to pay important storage costs until clearance is obtained. You will have to export the car or spend to have it destroyed if it doesn’t match the requirements.

The Asbestos

The importation of asbestos is forbidden in Australia. On December 31, 2003, a national restriction on the production and consumption of Asbestos and products Containing Asbestos was put into effect. Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulations restrict the supply, transportation, use, and handling of asbestos in all states and territories unless an exception or exemption applies… It may be believed that automobiles that weren’t produced specifically for the Australian market contain asbestos.


Air conditioning gases and systems are controlled by the Department of Environment. Those installed in cars or trailers are subject to extremely strict laws. There is a ratification of many international treaties about greenhouse gases and compounds. Thereby, Australia is enforcing laws with extreme severity!