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We make automobile logistics easy with our convenient RoRo and containerized shipping services. Let us help you ship your vehicle overseas with care.

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Shipping your automobiles overseas is a breeze with Transco Cargo shipping. When shipping your automobiles, the Automobile Logistics arm of Transco Cargo relies on two shipment methods; RoRo and containers to safely and securely transport your vehicles overseas.

RoRo stands for Roll on Roll out, where the vehicle(s) in question can easily be wheeled or driven onto the shipping vessel for the journey. That is, the vehicles are driven to the origin port and driven off the vessel at the destination port. Of course, Transco Cargo does offer you the option of either driving the vehicle(s) to the port yourself or having us arrange pickup of the vehicle(s) and thereafter process the automobile logistics from Australia to the final destination in mind.

The other option for Automobile Logistics would be via Containers, whereby the vehicle(s) are secure inside the likes of either a 20ft or 40ft shipping container. TA much preferred option especially for relocations, as you are able to utilise the rest of the container space for the likes of your other personal belongings. A shipping container used specifically for automobile logistics can house 3 to 4 cars inside them.

At Transco Cargo we are able to assist you in arranging Automobile Logistics from Australia to the world. By speaking to one of our Automobile Logistics representatives, we will be able to find out which option is the best for you. Once shipped, you can also keep track of the status of your Automobile while being transported via the Transco Cargo Vehicle Tracking System.

Visit our Website, or directly visit the Vehicle Tracker, enter your B/L Number to receive the information on your Vehicle during shipment. We will be able to highlight your vehicle details, shipment details (including estimate time of arrival –ETA) and pictures taken by the Transco Cargo Automobile Logistics team at various stages of shipment to ensure the steady progress between origin to destination port. Online tracking as illustrated as below

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