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Transco Cargo offers convenient Amazon shipment handling be it with as FBA or FBM basis and can help with the process along the way.

Transco Cargo - Quote Mark
Transco Cargo - Amazon Shipment Handling

Transco Cargo specializes in helping with processing supply chain-related operations for Amazon shipments coming into Australia. As an Amazon retailer or seller, you can choose between how you want to progress with the fulfillment of your orders, and how Transco Cargo can assist you from start to end.

Transco Cargo provides supply chain logistics to facilitate moving of goods from source to final delivery. The goods can be shipped via Ex Works (EXW) or Free on Board (FOB) basis, and then cleared through customs proceedings, to proceed with either FBM or FBA processes. EXW and FOB are international shipping trade terms, with concern to the responsibilities of the buyers and sellers of the goods involved. In terms of FOB, Transco Cargo will take control of the cargo from the overseas suppliers’ loading port and import the goods into Australia, whereas with EXW Transco Cargo will be able to take control of the goods from the overseas supplier’s factory floor directly and import the goods into Australia.

Goods can be shipped to Amazon or to end customer after picking up from your home, office, warehouse in Australia or even your foreign supplier. Transco Cargo can pick up your goods from a foreign supplier on EXW or FOB basis. Transco Cargo can also provide warehousing to store your goods until they are sent on to the Amazon FBA Centers or customers on behalf of merchants.

Amazon Marketplace requires Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM) or Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), which are options available to you to make operations easier with the help of setting up Amazon’s Supply Chain Connect features. Based on your selection, Transco Cargo can assist you with shipment handling by picking up your cargo from the port as on FBM basis either by utilizing Transco Cargo facilities or via FBA basis by directing your cargo to an Amazon FBA Center.

Amazon FBM Shipping

Transco Cargo, as a Third Party Logistic provider for Amazon services, can collaborate with you as your choice of shipping partner when you opt to be a Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM) Amazon Seller! With Amazon FBM shipping provided by Transco Cargo, you can schedule pickups from your supply locations or factory floors and have Transco Cargo handle the logistics, from supplier to doorstep delivery.

Partner up with Transco Cargo to ensure Amazon FBM deliveries are carried out for you without any hassle. Schedule a pickup of your Amazon Merchant goods to make the entire process a breeze!

Amazon FBA Shipping

We can arrange deliveries to FBA Centers Australia-wide. FBA stands for Fulfilment By Amazon which is a service provided by Amazon that goes in line with the “you sell it, we ship it” concept. The goods that you are selling needs to reach the Amazon FBA Center so that they are able to undertake storage, packaging, and shipping based on the Amazon terms and rules.

Let us help you get your goods to an Amazon FBA Center for your fulfillment process to go without a hitch. Schedule a pickup from your home, place of business, or even the suppliers with the Supply Chain Connect feature on Amazon and let Transco Cargo be your partnered carrier to get your marketplace inventory to the Amazon FBA Center without a fuss.