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As sea freight specialists, Transco Cargo prides itself at its convenience and affordability. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you in your shipping requirement.

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Transco Cargo - Sea Freight

Sea freight involves transporting goods via shipping vessels either in the form of packed cargo inside containers or in bulk form (via specialised shipping vessels). A typical container-shipping vessel can carry approximately 18,000 twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) containers. Because space is available, sea freight is considered the standard choice for freight and is priced much less than that of air freight.

As the most cost-efficient choice of international shipping, sea freight is sought after but it must be noted that journey times and transit times can differ due to the sea freight process. Sea freight cargo, much like air freight also comes with restrictions for shipping cargo in terms of safety and legality. At Transco Cargo, when you opt to sea freight your cargo with us, we arrange your shipments via the following ways.

  • Full Container Load (FCL) (where a full 20ft or 40ft container is shipped with only your cargo)
  • Less than Container Load (LCL) (where either a 20ft or 40ft container is shipped, and the space shared with your cargo and that of others)

When you sea freight your shipment with Transco Cargo, you are required to specify the size of cargo, in terms of the dimensions of your cargo and approximate weight. This will help in deciding whether you are able to choose LCL shipping (for less than a container load of cargo) or for FCL shipping (either choosing a 20ft, 40ft or 40ft High Cube (HC) container. A description of your cargo will also help in assisting in your documentation process, as well as the type of cargo (whether it’s commercial freight or personal effects). If its commercial freight, we request you also specify the commodity of commercial freight being shipped. Based on your location and the destination country, we at Transco Cargo will be able to assist in choosing the most affordable sea freight rate for your shipment.

Sea freight shipments have some restrictions for cargo such as, live animals, plants, fruits, vegetables, food, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, firearms and flammable products.

Speak to us at Transco Cargo to ensure that you follow all procedures for sea freight and let us help you get your cargo shipped via sea freight with ease.