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If your baggage is over the weight limit or over size and you do not want to pay for the excess fees, we have you covered. Let us take the burden off you with our personal excess baggage shipping service by air or sea

Transco Cargo - Quote Mark
Transco Cargo - Personal Excess Baggage

You may find yourself with personal excess baggage that you want to send abroad before your flight. Let us at Transco Cargo handle it for you. Choose us to send excess personal baggage via air or sea freight to various destinations worldwide from Australia.

Under Personal Effects shipping services, we personal excess baggage or unaccompanied luggage shipping which is considered an item or items of personal property that you need to ship overseas.

Whether you’re looking at sending your unaccompanied personal baggage full of books, computers, souvenirs, and other personal items, we offer affordable personal excess baggage shipping rates to our valued customers. Boxes & crates are made available for this purpose.

At Transco Cargo, our value-added services go a long way to making life easier for you. Sending your personal excess baggage with Transco Cargo is a hassle-free way of sending your personal effects overseas from Australia, whilst saving you time, money and effort. Contact Transco Cargo for an obligation-free quote and enjoy your flight with peace of mind!