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Ship your cargo domestically with Transco Cargo. Utilise our courier delivery, moving and removal, and inland freight transport by road, rail or air modes for your cargo moves.

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Land freight is an integral part of supply chain management, in terms of mainland transport for business-to-business and door-to-door deliveries. It involves the transportation of goods and cargo between and across states, and includes its subcategories of Road Freight, Rail Freight, and Inland Water Freight. It relies on integrated freight network and streamlined supply chain and logistical management along with multimodal transportation modes to run smoothly.

At Transco Cargo, we have our own fleet of road freight vehicles and we are partnered with other transportation modes to ensure that your cargo gets from Destination A to Destination B with ease. It is utilised in various modes of transportation such as air and sea freight when it comes to picking up and dropping off cargo. Be it a document courier or express delivery of a package or even of cargo boxes or chests, we at Transco Cargo can assist you in ensuring a smooth process, from start to finish.

When you opt to use Transco Cargo land freight, you will need to specify whether the shipment is a commercial commodity or personal effects. Based on the commercial cargo, the vehicle utilised may depend on the commodity being transported. Regardless, it is important to also know the size of the cargo for land freight, whether it is less than 5 boxes, 5 boxes or more, or whether they are oversized items and/or boxes. The distance can be calculated based on the origin and destination postcodes. Based on this information given to Transco Cargo, a land freight quotation will be provided for your shipment from start to finish.

Land freight, be it within a city, state, or nationally, is easier compared to that of air freight and sea freight which have more components to consider. It should also be noted that land freight has certain dangerous goods exemptions, if they are packed safely and meet the required conditions for transport and handling.

Speak to us at Transco Cargo to ensure that you follow all procedures for land freight and let us help you get your cargo shipped via land freight with ease.

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