What to Know when You Choose Air Freight

What to Know when You Choose Air Freight

If you are on the lookout for logistics solutions and you happen to choose air freight as your first choice, there are some things you may want to keep in mind. With international air freight, there are a great number of benefits over sea freight. The major benefit would be the speed in which you would get your goods in hand.

Whilst speed of delivery is what individuals who choose air freight opt for, with domestic shipping  being so affordable, more and more people are looking to save with air freight services too. Based on statistics, 35% of all businesses choose air freight as their preferred choice of shipping.There are many reasons why so many businesses choose air freight; increased speed, consistency, flexibility, low insurance premiums, as well as higher security standards to name a few. Let’s look at these in depth.


Increased Speed

Many choose air freight for the sole purpose of speed over the likes of land and sea freight as they are much slower in comparison. With it comes air freight charges, these vary between  carriers.


Knowing when you are to receive your goods and being able to track the progress and delivery of the air freighted goods makes things easier for customers who rely on information for the daily businesses.


When you choose air freight, you are also allowed the freedom of having your pick of locations for delivery. In the case of land or sea, you may be limited to by transport networks, whereby smaller country may be left out. As you choose air freight, it will open a wider reach to serve more people.

Low Insurance Premiums

Due to lower risks when you choose air freight, there are also lower insurance premiums as it may not need to cover risks of natural disasters such as earthquakes, flooding etc..

High Security Standards

When it comes to  air freight, there are a variety of security checks and restrictions that are placed, thus making transportation of goods via air freight a more secure channel.