What is Your Packing Requirement

What is Your Packing Requirement

When you are shipping your cargo to another tow, out of state, or shipping it to another country, the quality of the packing plays a great factor in the condition of the goods when delivered. Assessing the goods to be shipped will enable you to understand the packing requirement. Factors to consider for your packing requirement include weight, size & shape, the nature of the contents, the content’s value,  it’s fragility, its use, and also whether there are any regulations to follow.

Packing requirements and influencing factors include weight, humidity, cost, and more. Let’s look through the various considerations one must look into to determine the packing requirement for your cargo shipment.

Weight – This refers to how heavy the cargo will be in total. By considering the weight of the goods, you will need to assess the strength and durability of your packing requirement. You will require a box/crate that can accommodate and hold the weight of the goods without disrupting the integrity of the box/crates.

Size and Shape – The goods/contents should not touch the walls of the box as it may incur injury during transportation and no room is available for cushioning materials.  In the end, the contents are rounded or even shaped oddly, special attention will be needed as a packing requirement, to ensure that it doesn’t move around or the integrity of the box is impaired. Foam or packing peanuts are ideal is such situations.

Form of Contents Within: In the event you are planning on shipping cargo that contains liquids or powders, a special packing requirement should be followed, where they are sealed duly to avoid spillage and/or contamination.

Value of Contents Within: When you are shipping high value items, extra cushioning and due protection must be taken into consideration as a packing requirement.

Fragility of Cargo: Including extra cushioning and protection to your goods is a good rule of thumb when packing. Also, do not forget to include special labelling on your box/crate.