Types of Internal Packaging Materials for your Cargo Goods

Types of Internal Packaging Materials for your Cargo Goods

Many types of packaging materials can be used when packing your cargo goods. From bubble wrap, air bags, to cardboard and the likes of foam peanuts or pellets, there are many to choose from. But you should remember, each item of internal packaging material has its own uses and features, and they should be used appropriately.

Whilst bubble wrap, which is one of the most commonly used type of packaging material, whilst it does help fill empty spaces inside a shipping box or crate, there may be more ideal choices to serve the purpose of filling larger voids.

The following table will help with choosing the best internal packaging materials for when shipping your goods.

Type of Material Cushioning Filling Voids Protection Divider
Bubble Wrap X X X  
Foam Wrap X X X  
Foam Peanuts/Pelllets X X   X
Air Bags   X    
Crumpled Paper   X X  
Corrugated Inserts   X X X
Shredded Cardboard   X X X

Whilst bubble wrap does provide cushioning, filling vids, offers  protection it should be noted that there are two types of bubble wrap, there are small cell ¼ inch bubble wraps which are suitable for lightweight goods as it provides interleaving functions whereas large cell ½ inch bubble wrap is ideal for medium-weight goods as it provides blocking functions.

Shredded cardboard which doesn’t offer cushioning, but helps with filling voids and offering protection and acting as dividers between different goods, it also offers shock absorption during transit.

We at Transco Cargo, as experts in shipping and logistics, can help pack your cargo to take the hassle away from deciding which type of packaging material to use for which goods. Get in touch with us!

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