Transco Cargo Office in Sri Lanka Recognized by Parliament of Victoria

Transco Cargo Office in Sri Lanka Recognized by Parliament of Victoria

As Australia entered its third wave of lockdown restrictions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in June of 2021 with New South Wales being the first hit. Victoria followed suit as the number of cases increased in mid-July, with the Delta variant being detected. During this time, the government fell back into the same lockdown restrictions, and Transco Cargo as essential service providers continued to deliver as per our motto whilst being recognized by the Parliament of Victoria for opening a new Transco Cargo office in Sri Lanka.

As an essential’s services provider, logistics and shipping is vital to the nations’ economy, whether it’s national logistics or international supply chain/import & exports provisions. As a leading freight forwarder and logistics service provider in Australia, Transco Cargo was further commended for its ability to open its newly-launched Sri Lankan based offices to further expand reach and customer servicing. Craig Ondarchie, an MP of the Parliament of Victoria further commended the leadership of CEO of Transco Cargo, Mohan Perera on his leadership during this trying time as the global industry is going through hardships.

Transco Cargo has been in the logistics industry for three decades, founded in Melbourne in 1991, the company has expanded its services to offer air, sea and road freight services since its inception. Further the company offers logistical services such as commercial cargo, personal effects shipping, automotive shipping, agricultural logistics, ecommerce services, third party logistics services and amazon fulfilment shipping and courier services apart from warehousing and distribution services too.

With its foray into its third decade of business, the opening of its first Sri Lankan based office named Transco Cargo  (Pvt) Ltd, the team of highly-trained logistics professionals will be able to better serve its regional customers with the likes of commercial and personal cargo transport. The opening of this regional office comes at a time where Australia has been making attempts to establish trade ties in the South-Asian region which was one of the motivators into opening this new office.

The new Transco Cargo office in Sri Lanka will be able to facilitate regional shipments and high-level logistical and shipping solutions globally whilst growing its client portfolio with different conglomerates and businesses across different industries driving future growth.