Tips for Shipping With Transco Cargo Australia

Tips for Shipping With Transco Cargo Australia

Are you moving to another city or maybe even moving overseas, and you are packing your personal effects and items. If you are planning on sending them off to their new destination via a road freight moving company or a shipping company that deals with personal effects shipping such as Transco Cargo Australia, then you’ll need to know how to pack your personal effects and we’re here to help! Let’s get started!

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1. Choose the Right Moving Box or Shipping Crate: When selecting your moving boxes and shipping crates, make sure to choose the right size and strength to comply with the contents within. At times, when the boxes/crates are not filled to utilise the space given, or filled to the brim with no room, there can be chances of either your boxes collapsing or bursting respectively. Make sure you choose the right boxes or crates to send your personal effects safely without hassle by reading up on the type, size and sturdiness required for your shipment of goods.

2. Assess the Goods You Are Going to Include in the Boxes/Crates: Each item you are packing requires special attention, depending on its build, sizing, and requirements for reinforcement to ensure against breakage during shipment. Therefore, keep in mind that you will require crates when shipping heavy items whereas you may use boxes for other items (and reinforce the seams with tape to ensure they don’t come loose). Include reinforcement and cushioning materials such as newspaper & bubble wrap, whether it’s to make sure your goods don’t move around during shipping as well as to safeguard it from breaking in transit.

3. Shipping Advice for Fragile and Spillable Items: You may pack all your items yourself, or you can elect Transco Cargo Austalia to pack the fragile personal effects with due care. In the case of liquid to semi-liquid items, it is recommended not to ship them in moving boxes or shipping crates due to their spillable nature. However, if it’s a must, take actions for due care and pack them inside leak-free containers packed with Styrofoam like material and sealed with a plastic bag/enclosure.

In the case of fragile items, make sure you pack the fragile goods in the centre of the moving box or shipping crate ensuring they don’t touch the sides of the box/crate, and with cushioning and fillers to ensure there are no voids to avoid movement.

These are some shipping tips brought to you courtesy of Transco Cargo Australia. Stay tuned to our Blog for more insight and tips for moving and shipping personal effects in Australia and to the world.