Rasika Ranatunga

I am writing this letter of appreciation with much pleasure, to thank you for the great service you provide worldwide. I have sent a few boxes via your cargo service From Melbourne and got everything cleared recently From Colombo without any hassle. I thought of thanking you particularly because my stuff had been undergoing a bit of a long way. You have collected the boxes from the place where I resided after I had left the country.. Even before that there was a bit of a mess due to my personal problem. I had sent the things to your place and collected later due to the cancellation of my trip, and later was sent back in my absence to the ware house. It’s worth the extra little bit of money you collect because the service was nice and clear. I was given an assurance that there won’t be any delay or any issue even though the same old BL number was re-given, and you kept your word. Thank you so much and in future too, we will definitely consider your service. The words related to goodwill spread better and faster than commercial advertising! Thank you again. Keep it up for everybody’s future benefit!