Stages of Destination Port and Door for your Move Overseas

Stages of Destination Port and Door for your Move Overseas

In our previous blog post, we looked into the stages that you must go through from the Origin Door and Port as you go through the process of moving overseas. In this post, we look at the processes that one must undergo from the Destination Port and Door for a successful and easy move overseas.

Once the goods arrive at the Port of Destination, it is known that all cargo goods must be cleared through customs and all customs fees will need to be paid before the cargo can be claimed. If you recall the previous blog post “Moving Overseas Checklist from Origin Door and Port“,  we mentioned that there are prohibited items that should not be included in your cargo shipment when you are packing your goods at the door of origin before we pick up the cargo. For a more comprehensive list, based on the country you are moving to, you can refer our page on “Restricted Items” for your reference. Ensuring you heed these recommendations will not only allow for a stress-free customs clearance process but also a faster delivery of your cargo to your doorstep.

The cargo goods for your move overseas may arrive most probably through sea or ocean cargo, though there have been instances where air cargo has also been used for moving goods overseas however though it may incur heavy costs. Thus, most shippers prefer to use sea cargo for their move overseas and is such scenarios, there are two modes of shipping; through LCL (less than container loading) or FCL (full container loading), where the former is chosen when there are a few boxes or tea chests and the latter when you have a container full of items. In some instance, a shipper may opt to use FCL even when they do not possess enough items to actually fill the chose container to its maximum capacity simply for the fact that is means there will not be any consolidation/deconsolidation.

When the cargo arrives at the Port of Destination, it is crucial that you have ensured certain measures so that the customs clearance process is smooth. At Transco Cargo, we are able to offer you customs brokerage and clearance services to make your life easier, and act as your Destination Agent/Customs Broker.        Furthermore, information pertaining to your passport/visa/IEN will be needed apart from the packing list of what the LCL/FCL containers, the bill of lading and if there is a vehicle included in the container shipment for your move overseas, its vehicle title is needed too. It should also be mentioned that all clearing feeds need to be paid before they can move onto the Door of Destination, which entails door-step delivery of goods. We are also able to offer assistance in unpacking your goods, should you require it.


Images: Transco Cargo /  SwaureCowMovers