How To Sort Your Excess Personal Luggage before Travelling

How To Sort Your Excess Personal Luggage before Travelling

Most airlines allow passengers to carry 15 lbs to 40 lbs of luggage on a single flight (depending on the flight and country). This may not be enough for passengers who simply have more belongings to take with them.  The same applies to when passengers cannot bring back gifts and personal items they have purchased overseas because their goods exceed the luggage limit defined by airlines. Different airlines have different specifications and limits when it comes to excess passenger luggage.

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Obviously, it is not advisable to include items like knives, lighters, fireworks or even live animals, as they might be hazardous and dangerous. Assuming your personal effects are legal and accepted by the airline, you can start considering the best way to transport your excess personal luggage before flying since it is always best to try and reduce the weight of your luggage in order to avoid extra luggage fees.


It is always better to keep your bags backed at least 2 days prior to your flight – packing your stuff in a hurry at the last moment means you will have a messy and a heavy bag.


Pack only the basic things you need; all your toiletries in one case which can be tucked in to the side cover of the luggage, all your business suits and casual wear neatly folded and packed, your personal effects and electronics can be carried in your hand luggage. Don’t take too many business suits with you – a couple of blazers and matching pants. Take a couple of pairs of jeans that you are willing to leave behind at the hotel. The same applies to underwear and casual wear. Pack your luggage proportionately, reducing the weight as much as possible. When you return from your trip, you can always discard the extra clothes that you do not want in order to make up more space for all your souvenirs and gift items.


Packing efficiently may save a lot of money for you. However, what if your luggage still exceeds the weight limit of your flight? Airlines do allow passengers to carry extra weight as long as you pay for it. Most airlines would charge something between $10 – $30 per lbs and you may end up paying $100 – $150 for a single extra luggage. This service is quick, but expensive. If you exceed the weight limit, you can pay the extra luggage fees at the airport and proceed to boarding.


Airfreight charges are generally cheaper than paying extra luggage fees to a passenger airline – especially if you have a lot of luggage. Even with ex-works and transport charges, this method will cost you less than the alternative and it is advisable to plan and early if you hope to bring back a lot of stuff from abroad! Getting down your extra luggage via airfreight will take a couple of days to reach your doorstep, but it’s guaranteed to save you more money.


If you want to save money and like to plan ahead, get in contact with a local forwarding agent who offers air freight services for excess personal luggage. Transco Cargo offers quick and efficient services for excess personal luggage from Australia to anywhere in the world. Visit us at for more information.