Shipping to Singapore: Moving your Personal Effects

Shipping to Singapore: Moving your Personal Effects

Making a life change by moving to Singapore? We can help with your move as you pack all your belongings for shipping to Singapore.

If you have household goods such as furniture or appliances, make sure that they are packed properly. It’s important to ensure items that can be opened should be secured properly and if there are fragile items such as plastic or glass, they should be reinforced with padding above/below/around the surface and then you should use filler such as bubble wrap and/or Styrofoam beans to hold it in place inside your box or crate of choice which you can also purchase from Transco Cargo too. But that’s not all, your other personal effects need to be packed for shipping too, and you must take extra care to note down all the items in your packing list per box/crate and also include a list of items within the box for your reference in case the outer labeling is damaged during transport.

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In terms of shipping to Singapore, as it’s a free port, you will not be subjected to any customs duties when it comes to used household goods and personal effects which can include the likes of personal belongings, TVs, furniture, etc). However, you should be informed that you will be charged customs duty if and when you decide to include dutiable items such as motor vehicles, alcoholic beverages and tobacco items, and the likes.

When you import to Singapore, you will be subjected to a Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 5%. However, if you’re a foreigner moving to Singapore, a returning Singaporean or Permanent Residence holder, you can be issued GST relief. In order to be eligible for GST relief, you are required to satisfy certain criteria. These includes the likes of the person who wants shipping to Singapore for household goods and personal effects, they must have made a decision to change his/her place of residence to Singapore, he/she has been the owner of said household goods/personal effects for more than 3 months, that the personal goods/household goods are being imported within 6 months of first arrival in Singapore, and that he/she has an agreement not to dispose of said items within 3 months of arrival. If he/she is a returning Singaporean, they must provide proof that they have been out of the country for no less than 6 months in order to qualify for GST relief.

In order to apply for GST relief, you will be required  to submit the following documents  such as a copy of your passport showing personal particulars and photo page and/employment pass, as well as a “Declaration of Facts” form that is completed and signed.

Transco Cargo is able to carry out these shipping to Singapore processes on your behalf as part of customs brokerage services. Don’t forget to visit the Shipping to Singapore Quick Quote page for a few inquiries on the same.