Shipping for Relocation

Shipping for Relocation

Relocating to another country, whether for business or for personal reasons, the process requires a certain level of premeditation. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be a stressful process. With a strategic approach, shipping for relocation of your office or home can actually be quite simple. With the proper infrastructural support offered by your trusted shipping company, you’re able to relocate your household or office items safely and efficiently.

Deciding What to Pack when Shipping for Relocation

One of the important things to think about just before packing would be what to pack and what not to pack. It’s important to look at this strategically whether it’s a residential or office relocation. You need to decide this early on and it’s always a good idea to have it written down. That is, what you decide to take on your relocation and what you are choosing to leave behind. Based on this, start packing what you will be packing for your relocation.

One advice we give our customers is to separate and label what you are not shipping for relocation by either moving them into a different room and/or label it with “Do Not Ship/Pack.” These items may be items that you plan to leave behind or will be selling or donating. You should also have items that are critical items such as passports, confidential documents, and other valuables that may be necessary for use leading up the day of relocation. Those items should be separated from the “Do Not Ship” pile.

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The packing list, which acts as an inventory of what you are packing into your shipping for relocation boxes, can definitely make your life easier especially if you have a labelling system in place that correlates to the shipping boxes/crates.

Choosing which Mode of Shipping

When shipping for relocation, you need to consider the mode of shipping, whether you should be opting for air or ocean cargo. Each option has its advantages. Sending furniture, appliances and even vehicles via ocean cargo is the best, whereas, air cargo may be the best option for critical items that you may need as soon as you get to your destination.

The Shipping Documentation

While a packing list is essential, there are other shipping for relocation documentation that you will require which will be communicated to you by your shipping company.

Shipping for Relocation

Shipping for Relocation