Shipping Declaration Form

Shipping Declaration Form

Declaring the contents of your shipment is an important process especially for international shipping. A shipping declaration form or statement is considered an important shipping document used by the likes of Transco Cargo, and freight forwarders as part of the customs proceedings associated with your cargo shipment overseas. The shipping declaration form is one way to ascertain that the information included in other international shipping documents concerning the shipment in question is accurate and true.

There are many reasons why you would need to declare your shipment contents. Nevertheless, fundamentally, it is a requirement for all outgoing international shipments. You can consider it a legal certification that a shipper provides to customs affirming that the information provided is correct. Thus, it is important to ensure that you include all information, accurately. This means that all items included in the shipment must be declared. As many a time, an item not declared can be confiscated especially it is considered dangerous or restricted in nature.

A shipping declaration form should be filled out with the relevant information when handed over to the freight forwarding company. For instance, the following form is the shipping declaration form requested by Transco Cargo when shipments are handed over into our care.

Transco Cargo Australia - Shipping Declaration Form

Transco Cargo Australia – Shipping Declaration Form

Not only is it important to declare the items in the shipping declaration form but you are required to also declare the value of the items too, along with the quantity and description. With concern to the declared value, it’s the amount of the shipment’s worth and not insurance. It is considered the maximum liability in which a carrier will accept with relation to the shipment. It is based on the declared value, that Custom’s officials calculate the taxes and duties associated with the shipment.

Apart from the above, Transco Cargo’s shipping declaration form also has a few instructions for our customers when handing over the packages and the form. These include the likes of the below.

  • Ensure packages are secured, nailed, and taped properly
  • Write the address on the packages clearly
  • Place packages for pickup with clear access
  • Contact Transco Cargo to advise a collection date when packages are ready to be picked up. Ensure that collection date is prior to shipment date to avoid delays and/or disappointment
  • Arrange to have payment ready at time of collection for smooth pickup
  • Transco Cargo will dispatch goods safely and carefully. Transco Cargo will not be liable for any losses, damages, or delays in transit unless customers’ requests Marine Insurance coverage (without which claims will not be accepted).
  • Destinations customs expenses, and/or demurrage to be paid by recipient
  • Air shipments do not allow liquids and batteries