Sending Parcels via Couriers

Sending Parcels via Couriers

You would probably search for the best freight-forwarding company by comparing how much it would cost to expedite your shipment. Through our network of freight brokers, which enables us to conduct business internationally, we offer the best possible price for sending personal effects, gifts, excess personal baggage, and more. Sending parcels via courier is a dependable way to get your private cargo to your required destination quickly and safely.

We assist with all the formalities of doing so, from the obligation-free shipping quote to the personalized guidance and consultation on the best shipping option for your needs, documentation, and even door-to-door delivery.

Measure your Parcels Correctly

When couriering your packages, you’ll frequently need to figure out your freight costs based on cubic weight, which is determined using the formula below.

Cubic Weight = (length x width x height)/5000

*please note that measurements are all in centimeters


You can encounter greater handling costs the bigger the cubic weight. However, we can help you decide which crates or shipping boxes are best for your couriers! Ask us for a free, no-obligation estimate to send your packages from Australia overseas for the best price!

What Not to Courier

Many things are deemed unsafe or unfit for shipment. The following are forbidden things that are typically included in this category:

  • Illegal substances
  • Weapons and ammunition**
  • Cutlery and lethal weapons
  • Live pets and other animals**
  • Birds and bird items –eggs and feathers
  • Pork and pig-derived goods
  • Threatened plants
  • Plants and plant-based goods**
  • Transmitters for radio
  • Important cultural artifacts or priceless antiques
  • Fake currency and products
  • Pornographic content

**– unless permission has been obtained

Maintaining your Packages and Contents

It’s critical to carefully pack your contents while shipping them in order to prevent damage. You may make sure that the goods are adequately protected by using packing materials like bubble wrap, transparent wrap, packing peanuts, packing paper, and more. When delivering heavier things, we urge our clients to use smaller shipping boxes, and when sending lighter items, larger boxes. This aids in keeping the shipping box’s structure intact throughout shipping and transportation.

Transco Cargo Australia - Sending Parcels By Courier

Transco Cargo Australia – Sending Parcels By Courier