Sending Cargo to Dubai

Sending Cargo to Dubai

Whilst many of the world has closed its borders, Dubai has opened theirs to welcome tourists with its stringent COVID-19 prevention and safety measures. If you thinking of sending cargo to Dubai prior to your visit or if you want to send goods to your family and friends, here are a few things you should keep in mind. Dubai has a variety of restrictions, regulations and guidelines that one must follow. By ensuring that you are aware and know the step one needs to make, you can ensure that no delays and unexpected issues pop up. That is why we, Transco Cargo is here to help. Let us keep you aware and ensure all your shipping documentations is taken care of by the professional freight forwarders we are.

Prohibited Items when Sending Cargo to Dubai

As in any country, there are always lists of prohibited items that one cannot carry or ship to. However, with concern to Dubai, there are a few more restrictions involved. Whilst narcotics are obviously prohibited, any kind of gambling tool, nylon fishing nets, and live swine to name a few. For a full list of Prohibited Items when sending cargo to Dubai, please refer to their Customs website detailing the respective Prohibited and Restricted Goods.

Whilst there are certain things that are on the prohibited or restricted list, there are some places in which they are more relaxed about such as bringing in your four-legged best friends. Along with a permit from the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, or MCCAE, you are able to bring your cat or dog into the country.

Packing your Cargo to Send to Dubai

Now, when it comes to ensuring everything is order, what we recommend is getting us, the experts in personal shipments to pack and ship the cargo to Dubai. We will take every precaution to make it COVID-19 safe and not only comply with the export/import laws pertaining to Australia and Dubai. By creating a precise inventory list of the cargo you are sending to Dubai, and ensuring that you have all the necessary shipping documents filled out, we are able to assist you with sending cargo to Dubai and getting it cleared without a problem. A rule of thumb we like to follow is ensuring that shipment documents are duly filled out and all goods are declared to avoid any hiccups.

Let us help you send you cargo to Dubai. Transco Cargo, your trusted shipping partner, is always here to assist – we love to deliver, after all!