Restrictions for Sending Parcels to India by Courier

Restrictions for Sending Parcels to India by Courier

Because India is a member of the British Commonwealth, there is a strong connection between Australia and India, making trade between the two countries easier. However, there are some restrictions, rules, and regulations when it comes to importing goods into India or even sending a parcel via courier to India.

The Central Board of Excise and Customs governs the import rules and regulations when sending parcels to India via courier. The information on their website is extremely useful; however, you would have to delve deep into the various categories to discover what is not permitted. However, because India is a member of the World Customs Organization, the importing process is relatively simple and quick.

There is a specific list of items/products that the Indian government has prohibited entry into the country, making life easier when sending parcels to India from Australia. The following items and products are prohibited:

Any item classified as hazardous, dangerous, prohibited, or restricted by the International Air Transport Association, the International Civil Aviation Organization, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, or any other government or regulatory agency will be refused carriage. Items that require a special license or permit, as well as those that are wet/leak/emit odors, will not be accepted. Other prohibited items include anything corrosive/flammable, hazardous chemicals, explosives, firearms (or parts and ammunition), firecrackers, cyanides, and similar chemicals. Currency, gems and precious metals, securities, passports, ATM cards, and cheques are among the other items. Furthermore, biological or live animals are not accepted and are considered restrictions when sending parcels to India.

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