Process of Shipping to Islands of Fiji

Process of Shipping to Islands of Fiji

If you are sending your shipping to islands, such as the Fiji Islands, the process of shipping is a tad different than what it would be to a country on a continent mainly as it may include ferry transfer from the mainland to the other smaller islands if that is the final destination. If you were take shipping to islands, such as the Fiji Islands, which consists of an archipelago of more than 332 islands, the two main islands of Fiji are Viti Levu (where Port Suva and Lautoka are the major sea ports of Fiji) and Vanua Levu. Nadi and Nausori operate the international airports bringing in air couriers and shipments.

The process is pretty standard with the main ports (be it the maritime ports or terminals at the international airports) that receive incoming shipments. The process thereafter involves domestic shipping and transport method which also include ferry and rail transport and of course road freight and door-step delivery. The Fiji Islands are located in Melanesia in the South Pacific and neighbour the likes France’s New Caledonia, Kermadec, Tonga, Samoas, France’s Wallis and Futuna, and Tuval. With concern to incoming international freight, Nadi which is located in the northwest is the receipient of all international air freight coming into Fiji, whereas Suva and Lautoka operate as the seaports receiving all international sea freight to Fiji, whereby Walu Bay in Suva is the main sea port.

The process of shipping to island of Fiji require due process for customs and regulations, thus they need to be well considered before your freight departs in point of origin. The Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority (FRCA) is the control agency for all customs clearances processes for both imports and exports processing. They set all the procedures in place as well as the tariffs and exemptions are also determined by them. The customs clearance process of shipping to island of Fiji follows the same international standards and shipping documentation which adhere to WCO (World Customs Organisation) concord. Fiji allows freight goods to stay within the wharf for a maximum of 72 prior to customs clearance and whereby demurrage will be set in place by the Ports Authority thereafter.

If you have undertaken due diligence and have all customs clearance documents for your shipment, then the process of shipping to islands of Fiji and customs clearance thereafter should be pretty straightforward. If not, it may take up to two weeks to go through proceedings.

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