Process of Customs Clearance in Sri Lanka

Process of Customs Clearance in Sri Lanka

Transco Cargo is committed to being your logistics partner undertaking everything from documentation, picking up cargo, freighting, documentation, customs clearance and delivery to your doorstep. Sorting out customs clearance in Sri Lanka, is similar to those of other countries but there are a few nitty gritty details that some may find different. For instance bureaucracy and cultural aspects may play a factor and connections matter at times. That’s why we recommend our customers to assign us, Transco Cargo to take on the process of customs clearance in Sri Lanka.

According to the Sri Lanka Customs division, there are certain criteria that must be presented. It should also be noted that Sri Lanka also utilises the Automated System for Customs Data or ASYCUDA for short to handle administrator for the country’s customs data as deemed by the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development (UNCTD).

Within the process of customs clearance in Sri Lanka, there are several requirements that needs to be carried out. The ASYCUDA CUSDEC (Customs Declaration) requires you to prepare four copies. They are namely the Warranty Copy, Delivery Copy, Exchange Copy, and Partys Copy.  Customs declaration as part of the process of customs clearance in Sri Lanka can occur and be processed either at the Bandaranaike International Airport Cargo division’s Long Room at Katunayake or at Importers Office of the assigned Department Trade and Investment division.

If you possess all the prepared CUSDEC documentation, it should be sent to the Lon Room along with the following documentation; two bank stamped invoices/packing lists, goods arrival notice/ air waybill / use way bill, and any other documents needed.

Any items such as phones & accessories, medicine & medical equipment, rifles, uns and other weapons, live plants, vegetables and fruits, allfoods items, cosmetics, out boat engines sent via caro will require additional licenses or approvals. They are as follows;

    • Phones and accessories
      • TRC (Telecommunication Regulatory Commission)
      • ICL (Import Control License)
    • Medicines and Medical equipments
      • NMRA (National Medicines Regulatory Authority)
      • ICL (Import Control License)
    • Rifles, guns and other weapons
      • Ministry of Defence approval
      • ICL (Import Control License)
    • Live plants
      • Plant Quarantine
    • Vegetables and fruits
      • IFIU (Imported Food Inspection Unit)
    • Live Animals
      • Animal Quarantine
      • ICL (Import Control License)
    • All Food Items
      • IFIU (Imported Food Inspection Unit)
    • Cosmetics
      • CDDA (Cosmetics Drugs Devices Authority)
    • Out boat Engines (more than 25 HP)/ Motorcycle engines (More than 250cc)
      • Ministry of Defence
      • ICL (Import Control License)