Packing Tips For Shipping Personal Effects In Boxes And Crates

Packing Tips For Shipping Personal Effects In Boxes And Crates

Packaging goods should always be done with great care, especially when dealing with fragile goods. You could be considering self-packaging or maybe even packaged professionally by experts such as Transco Cargo. Either way, we would like to educate you on the best packing tips for shipping your personal effects in boxes and crates.

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Finding The Right Way To Package The Right Product

All delicate items need twofold creased boxing alongside cushioned paper and air pocket wrap which would retain any sort of unnecessary bangs. All your unbreakable easily packable simple items, such as, garments, shoes, books, toys, and so forth, can be put away in an assortment of estimated boxes. On the other Kitchen goods ought to be safely stored. Each cutlery, dish and container ought to be independently packaged and stored in dish pack boxes that have additional protection. It its best not to shrink wrap any wooden items as they will not ensure the safety of the wood and may damage or dampen the item. Cushioned paper or even bubble wrap followed by a make shift box is recommended prior to any shrink wrap. Always do remember that nothing should be left uncovered or exposed, as it is important to have all items boxed.

When packaging large items, you can also simply use a make shift box. You need ensure your products do not exceed 10 inches in length, and if they do, please contact Transco Cargo for special rates. We ship almost any outsized and heavy items that are wooden crated such as steel engines, bulky printing machinery, heavy filters, etc. When a crating service is required, as experts in the industry, we assure we take care of your needs. Contact the Transco Cargo desk and inquire about crating your goods safely to where you want.

What Transco cargo boxes and crates can do for you

  • Transco Cargo boxes and crates are intended specifically for storage purposes on long journeys. It guarantees outer protection on your securely wrapped items that are placed inside.
  • The largest packaging box we supply is known as a ‘Tea Chest Box’. The dimensions of the Tea Chest Box are 63cm (height), 42cm (Length) and 44cm (width). The Tea Chest box is chiefly useful for packaging garments, shoes, bed linen and other products that are too bulky but also light to carry.
  • The largest crate we supply is known as “one and half CBM”. The dimensions of the Transco crate is 150cm (height), 121cm (Length) and 81cm (width). Crates are often used to securely transport heavy bulky products.

Whether you are packaging on your own, or getting it done professionally, an inventory list of your items is mandatory. Generalized mini descriptions of your personal effects are adequate per box or crate. When organizing your own inventory, it is best to use a simple description to identify packaging.

As an example:

-Box # 1 Legal Documentation

-Box # 2 Garments

-Box # 3 Fragile-Cutlery