National Freight Data Hub

National Freight Data Hub

The National Freight Data Hub is managed by the Infrastructure Department whereby it aims to utilized data in order to improve efficiencies within the freight industry. As data is utilized in various industries and how they integrate together, it will be a helpful step towards improving operational efficiencies towards delivering better services  in different freight sectors. With Australian ports looking towards data to help them get better visibility into the how freight operates, and their bottlenecks between different states of Australia, the National Freight Data Hub processes will definitely provide a much-needed boost to the freight industry.

Referred to as  a “federated data sharing network of freight knowledge”, the National Freight Data Hub will collate data from a variety of logistics and freight resources, including ports of Australia to better the industry for more efficiencies and resiliencies.

The aim of the National Freight Data Hub is as follows;

  • Improve strategic planning for infrastructure and transport network investment and other such decisions
  • Improve the collection and sharing of freight related data in order to support operational day-to-day activities
  • Evaluate freight performance and means to improve the freight systems

By establishing this National Freight Data Hub, there will be centralized location to provide an overview of critical systems that hinder logistics and movement of the country’s core economic industries to ensure that movement is not hindered and flows well  to prevent congestion and delays. Further this will support container and truck tracking, bio security management, assessment of dangerous goods locations, and also forecast and budget for freight demand for better insights towards port and logistical performance.

Whilst the investment is high, it will be a valued resource especially for when demands and supply of labour forces are required and how to adapt with agility to chances and risks that may arise. Data is a powerful tool for performance and reviewal and how strategies can be adapted to ensure past failure and issues do not reoccur. With the data collection in progress, and the constant evolution of the way data will be assessed, the National Freight Data Hub will be a great way to increase logistical efficiencies across Australia for better problem resolution and revolutionary changes.  With proper data and information flow at different levels, decision-making can be agile especially with the volatile nature of the world, as it yet makes attempts to navigate the rough seas of the pandemic.

Transco Cargo Australia - Container

Transco Cargo Australia – Container