Moving Overseas Checklist from Origin Door and Port

Moving Overseas Checklist from Origin Door and Port

When you are making plan to move overseas, you should know that, there are few things you need to be aware of. The process of moving overseas may seem seamless to you as a homeowner, but in the freight-forwarding world, it is actually divided into four sections. These are namely Door (origin), Port (origin), Port (Destination), and Door (Destination) out of the moving overseas checklist.


Transco Cargo Australia - Moving Overseas Checklist | Stages of Freight Handling | Door of Origin



First things first on your moving overseas checklist, you should be aware that you as the shipper, you are responsible for the loading your cargo onto the truck when it is on LCL (Less than Container Load) basis or onto the container on FCL (Full Container Load) basis. You are not permitted to ship restricted items and thus, when packing these must always be kept in mind. Items such as tobacco, firearms, live animals, and such are prohibited and will cause unnecessary delays if you do include them in your cargo and it ends up being detained at customs in the destination port. It’s important to keep with you an itemised packing list for your reference and for handing over to us for your shipping records. LCL goods should be placed on pallets for easy transportation, and in the event of FCL, a ramp will be needed to load items onto the container itself. Do not forget to request a permit for roadside loading of a container as well as getting street access too.


Transco Cargo Australia - Moving Overseas Checklist - Freight Handling Stages | Port of Origin



Thereafter on the moving overseas checklist from the origin side of things, your cargo will be transported either on a truck for LCL or a container for FCL shipping to the port in question by us. All documentation must be filled out by then, and the itemised packing list is an extremely important part which will be needed during the Destination Port and Door stages. Once it gets to the Origin Port, Transco Cargo as your recommended freight forwarder, will confirm and track your shipment. We do not recommend that you travel before your cargo has left the port. Also, when you do embark on your journey, it is important you carry your shipping documents with you when you are travelling.  It should also be noted that the lead times of shipping your cargo is based on estimates and they are subject to change due to various reasons out of our control.

The next stage in the Moving Overseas Checklist is to proceed to the Destination side of handling freight forwarding.