Modernising Railway Transport in India

Modernising Railway Transport in India

With the times changing, and economies demanding more industry and infrastructural development, modernising railway transport in India with Australian standards in mind, is one of the best strategic directions that the Indian subcontinent has made.

The reason for looking to Australia as a case study for the movement of cargo over Indian railways is due to the same type of volume movement in both countries. By using Australian railways and their infrastructure, the government of India has partnered with TTG Transportation to aid Indian Railways in expanding their rail volume capacity and its infrastructure to meet the rising demands of this developing economy.

The inception of DFCCIL, the Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India, has plans to transform and look at modernising railway transport in India with its US$13b project, which will be utilised to build 3000kms of double-track rail tracks for freight specific through the subcontinent.

With the upcoming infrastructural developments, there has been an added demand and opportunities in rail, especially fo Australian companies that are well-versed in their own railway technologies to assist in the growth of avenues of railway transport in India. Through investments, improved transport links and not to mention technologies that are already existing in Australia that can be deployed within the Indian subcontinent.


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