Importing Motor Vehicles to Australia

Importing Motor Vehicles to Australia

It is essential that you get in contact with the vehicle standard if you plan to drive a vehicle in Australia and ensure safety requirements are met when trying to obtain permission to import a vehicle. In order to apply for a “Motor Vehicle Import Approval”. Speak to Transco Cargo on how to apply. After applying for a motor vehicle import, you should value your vehicle for customs purposes. Here are the facts you need to know before Importing Motor Vehicles to Australia.

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Transaction Value Method

Value of imported motor vehicles and motorcycles is assessed the following ways;

Customs will value used or new motor vehicles by calculating the transaction value. Using this method, the Customs value is based on actual payable price or invoice amount for the vehicle. Wherever the importer can show that the automobile or motor cycle was acquired to be transferred to Australia, this method can be used. Some adjustments may be made to the price paid by the importer to import the vehicle to Australia such as freight and insurance costs.

Alternate Methods of Valuation

If the transaction value method cannot be used to calculate the customs value, there is an alternative method of valuation prescribed in Section 159 of the Customs Act, which is applicable in sequential order.  Using the alternate method, customs will assess the customs value of the motor vehicle – by a qualified customs officer and may make certain changes to determine the Customs value and the landed cost.

Conversion to Australian Currency

Customs will calculate the value of the vehicle and import costs in Australian dollars. The conversion will be based on the exchange rate for the Australia dollar at the time of import.

Importing Vehicles as Tourists and Temporary Residents

Tourists and temporary residents can bring vehicles to Australia to a period of up to 12 months without paying any duties provided that they are eventually exported out of Australia.

For this concession, you must need the following;

  • A Carnet De Passages en Douanes distributed by an foreign organization which has a joint arrangement with the Australian Automobile Association, or
  • Currency or bank security, equivalent to the amount of duty and GST and, where applicable, LCT otherwise payable.

In case your vehicle is damaged or stolen whilst your stay in Australia, Customs should be notified as soon as possible at the original port of arrival.

Motor Vehicle Standards Act

The Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989, administered by the Vehicle Safety Standards Branch was first initiated in August 1989. Under this act it’s an offence to import any vehicle if it doesn’t meet the safety and emissions standards applying to Australian roads. Prior to importing a vehicle, it is advisable to contact the Vehicle safety standards.

Clearance Formalities

In order to get your vehicle cleared through Customs on time, please have all required documents ready on the day of clearing.

Vehicle Registration

Prior to importing your vehicle, you should check with the motor vehicle registration department of the state or territory where you intend to use it whether it will meet their registration requirements.

Motor vehicles imported into Australia must comply with the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989. If you require more information about importing vehicles to Australia, call us at Transco Cargo. We can help you make the process of importing a motor vehicle into Australia easier. We also offer great services for exporting motor vehicles overseas too!