How to Ship Cargo to Malaysia

How to Ship Cargo to Malaysia

If you’re looking to move to Malaysia, or simply ship cargo from Australia, you will need a freight forwarder to get your shipments and shipping documents in order. Whether you’re sending personal effects & household goods or commercial cargo, Transco Cargo will not only advise you on the best shipping options to choose from, but also aid you in getting the documents in order,  coordinate the packaging and freight pickup, and not to mention even customs brokerage in Malaysia when the cargo arrives. The latter is important when you ship cargo to Malaysia, especially if you are looking for door-to-door delivery of your goods. When you’re looking for a door-to-door delivery service, be it a parcel using Transco Cargo shipping boxes, tea chests or crates, there are a number of steps you should keep in mind.

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Choose the Best Shipping Method to Ship Cargo to Malaysia

Transco Cargo offers a variety of shipping services, from personal effects shipping to commercial cargo. Based on the requirement, you are also given a variety of options to choose from such as whether to opt for air friend or sea freight. If you are choosing sea freight, you will need to choose FCL or LCL basis of container shipping. If you are in a hurry, you can opt for airfreight, which is ideal if you only plan on sending a few boxes/crates. Our shipping representatives at Transco Cargo will advise you on the best shipping method in terms of timeliness and cost-effectiveness. You can also choose the value-added services provided including customs brokerage, packing and also organising insurance.

Your Choice of Shipping Materials

All of Transco Cargo’s boxes and crates have been designed to comply with Australian freight forwarding standards. Your goods need to be packaged properly before having them picked up from your home or dropped off at our offices. When it comes to packing your goods to ship cargo to Malaysia on your own, please make sure to heed the following.

  • Don’t under fill your boxes as it can collapse and also over-filled ones can also burst.
  • Choose quality wrapping and filling materials if you are choosing to pack the boxes on your own. We can help supply you with these materials too. Cushioning materials can help with under-filled boxes too.
  • Use strapping to secure goods to each other so they don’t move around. If you are choosing to send household goods, this is important.

If you are concerned of whether you’ll be packing your goods correctly, and would prefer our experts to help with the packing, we can do this for you too. Please get in touch with us! We ship cargo to Malaysia every Thursday. Inquire with us using our Transco Cargo to Malaysia Quick Quote form today!