How to Prepare for Christmas and Avoid Shipping Delays

How to Prepare for Christmas and Avoid Shipping Delays

With COVID-19 and the unprecedented way in which it has shaken up world trade and global supply chains, many businesses are making attempts to be super ready to take on the new challenges. Here is what they recommend you do to prepare for the likes of Christmas and other holiday shopping days such as Black Friday.

Get your Shipping and Delivery Process Flow Mapped out

By doing this, not only you but your employees, and possibly interns or volunteers (family and friends) are able to help you out last minute. Make sure that you have one for your peak and non-peak season.  Also, adding average times to take on each item suggests how much time a certain task should take.

Make Sure you Have Enough Shipping and Packaging Supplies in Stock

Keeping an eye on your shipping and packaging supplies stocks ahead of time will ensure you don’t run out. Remember this also includes making sure your printer is working and has enough toners and ink, especially if you print your labels in-house.

Make Sure you are on the Right Track to Meet your Deadline and Account for Delivery or Shipping Delays

Your shipping partner will release their shipping dates and deadlines so work around those to ensure your packaging is ready and organized to meet the deadline, especially during peak season.

Strategize for your Busy Season’s Shipping and Delivery

If you have your packaging and your stocks in order, make sure your E-Commerce business has all the nitty-gritty details taken care of, from shipping charges/rates based on delivery locations as well as size/weight. If you offer free shipping for larger orders, flat-rate shipping, exact cost shipping, international shipping or offer free or pickup options for domestic customers. My automating this process, you would carve off valuable time.

Make sure Your E-Commerce Products Include Specifications Such as Weight Visibly

Including all specifications for your products goes a long way in answering customer queries and questions, and that also includes adding its weight which will make it easy to calculate shipping fees and prep your shipping list.  It’s important to make sure to communicate shipping and delivery options and prices with customers visibly.  Also make sure to set up a return policy process and order tracking

Have a Customer Service and Support Representatives for Online and Social Media for Customer Questions

Having a assigned staff that is trained in customer service and support will go a long way, from online to social media queries. Setting up automated responses and FAQ will also be helpful to ensure that issues are dealt with prior to being assigned to personnel as well.

What are your companies doing to avoid shipping delays as the peak season draws closer.

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Transco Cargo Australia – Stock Outs