Global Supply Chain Crunch

Global Supply Chain Crunch

The pandemic has taken a toll, nearly two years later, the world is still attempting to make a recovery, yet with the hit on global trade and the global supply chain crunch, it continues to disrupt. There are not only shortages in workers (from ports to drivers) but also due to different regulations manufacturing in certain areas of the world has slowed down and thus caused massive manufacturing delays which in hand has a knock-on effect causing shortages of goods supply. Now apart from that once the goods are enroute, destination ports have congestion due to the lack of port personnel which in turns delays the unloading and clearing of goods to the final destination.

The global supply chain crunch is quite unprecedented with different countries facing different crises  and issues. Whilst the global economy is beginning to recover, its progress can be hindered by various global supply chain issues that have popped up in different industries. There is a great fear that continuing delays in delivery of goods, especially raw materials, may hamper global production and economies especially with crude oil and other essential industries, which in turn may trickle into further hindering everyday life. One of the biggest trials is the shortage of drivers which has also attributed to congestion at ports and cause shortages at gas stations.

Some experts attribute to the disparity in how different countries are handling the pandemic, whereby though global trade and shipping is a worldwide problem, each country is enacting their rules and regulations as to how they see fit, which in turn does not amount to a harmonious end result. Ultimately this means that whilst the goods move from their origin to the destination, it will have a bumpier and more laggy journey due to the different ways in which each country operates and stipulates COVID-19 regulations. Whilst this may be the case at the moment, some experts are being optimistic that 2022 will not have this many roadblocks and issues.

How have you felt the impacts of the pandemic in your country? What are the shortages you are facing in the wake of the globally supply chain crunch? Let us know!

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