Frequently Asked Questions About Cargo Shipping to Fiji

Frequently Asked Questions About Cargo Shipping to Fiji

If you have never shipped with us before, you may have questions or concerns about shipping within Australia or internationally, which we strongly encourage. To make your life a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about shipping cargo to Fiji.

What is your shipment schedule to Fiji for 2017?

Visit the Fiji shipment calendar for sending cargo to Fiji.

Where can I get a shipping box (or crate) if I need one?

You can pick up any of our shipping boxes from one of our agents. Please contact us to find out where the nearest location is.

Can I schedule a shipment pickup?

We provide shipment pick-up services. You can call ahead and let us know when you want your cargo picked up.

How much advance notice should I give the shipping company (Cargo to Fiji) in order for a shipment pick-up?

The amount of notice required is determined by the nature of the goods being shipped. Because you are planning an international move (from Australia to Fiji), please notify us of your shipment pick-up requirements two to three weeks in advance. These lead times will allow Transco Cargo to secure and confirm your shipment booking, as well as provide you with enough time to prepare your cargo. However, during peak shipping months, a longer lead time will be required (November to January).

How can I obtain a shipping quote for cargo to Fiji?

You can speak with our agents by contacting us, and we will provide you with an obligation-free quotation.

When should I pay for shipping to Fiji?

We require full payment two days before any work begins.

Can you pack and move my food for me?

Yes, we can transport both dry and canned foods. However, it is recommended that we avoid shipping opened bottles with liquid or spillable contents in order to protect the integrity of your shipping box and any other shipments that may be included with it during transport.