Fragile Cargo Packing

Fragile Cargo Packing

You want to send some valuable cargo to Fiji and you want to know how to pack fragile cargo. You’re in luck because we’ve compiled some packing tips for fragile or breakable items, particularly when shipping via air or sea freight.

Prepare Your Packing Materials in Advance

We advise against using used or second-hand shipping boxes because they may have lost structural integrity. There are several options for packing fragile goods depending on their size, shape, and material (in terms of whether they are glass, porcelain, and so forth). Depending on the quantity of goods being shipped, you can choose between plied cardboard boxes and wooden crates. If you decide to use cardboard shipping boxes, we recommend using smaller boxes for heavier fragile items (for structural integrity and ease of transport per box) and larger cardboard shipping boxes for lighter fragile items.

Understanding the Shipping Process from Australia to Fiji

Choosing the right shipping boxes/crates and packing materials is critical because they will protect your fragile cargo from vibrations, bumps, and other forms of shock during transport. When sending and packing fragile cargo from Australia to Fiji, keep in mind that it will travel via a variety of modes of transportation. It will be transported by road first before being loaded onto a cargo plane or ocean cargo ship.

What Should You Use for Cushioning When Packing Fragile Cargo?

For cushioning purposes, we recommend the following packing materials to protect fragile cargo from shocks, vibrations, and bumps during transport.

  • Packing peanuts – These are excellent for filling voids in shipping boxes or crates. This fills the space or void between the fragile cargo and the interior of the shipping box/crate.
  • Paper – Use paper to wrap fragile items or to wad specific areas of the shipping box/crate. We advise against using newspaper and instead recommend Kraft paper or heavy-duty packing paper.
Transco Cargo Australia - Fragile contents inside

Transco Cargo Australia – Still life shot of cardboard boxes marked as fragile and ready for delivery