Customs Clearance and Brokerage with Transco Cargo

Customs Clearance and Brokerage with Transco Cargo

Whenever you enter or leave a country, you are required to adhere to the country’s customs and quarantine regulations about what you pack in your suitcases when travelling. The same applies to goods arriving unaccompanied via sea or air, which requires clearance through different avenues. As experts in logistics, customs clearance and brokerage with Transco Cargo as your preferred consultant can help you process your goods faster to avoid any delays and/or mishaps.

Australia does not require a general license to import goods but the Australian Customs Authority clears all goods upon import and arrival. Based on the goods in question, there should be a permit that allows you to clear the goods regardless of the value and that is complies with safety and information standards when declaring them. Thus, the first rule of thumb is to declare your goods correctly and packing them adhering to safety standards.

Declaration and other shipping documentation for successful customs clearance and brokerage include the following;

  • Goods valued over AU$1000 need to have a duly filled Import Declaration
  • Goods with low value requires a duly-filled Self-Assessed Clearance (SAC) declaration
  • Customs Client Identifier (CCID)/Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Evidence of Identity (EOI)
  • Bills of lading, Air waybills
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Import Permit and Licenses if required

The procedure for import customs clearance includes the following steps.

  • A duly filled the Import Declaration form is necessary for goods over the value of AU$1000. The digitization of the industry and processes now allows you to fill this via the internet through ICS (Integrated Cargo System) or by filling out the customs document FORM B650. Once the goods are cleared, you will be required to pay GST (Goods Services Tax).
  • Thereafter, the Customs and Border Protection Authority will verify party identities by carrying out EOI verification checks
  • A duly filled SAC (Self Assessed Clearance) form needs to be done to declare low value goods. There is no SAC charge which is usually done the cargo company/freight forwarder when services are engaged.
  • Verifying the CCID (Customs Client Identifier)or ABN if you are registered. Else, it is required that you register as a client using the EOI in the ICS with the FORM B319.
  • Presenting all invoices, Bill of lading, permits and documents
  • Customs and Border Protection authority will thereafter physically examine and check the goods for prohibited goods and whether the cargo requires quarantine. Should your cargo have to be quarantined, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources will also be required to inspired the cargo.
  • Pay the due taxes and charges as and when required, based on what applies to your cargo to proceed with the final step of customs clearance.

All these tasks can be carried out with Transco Cargo’s Customs Clearance and Brokerage services offered. Get in touch to help you with your imports procedures for your business.

Transco Cargo Australia - Difference Freight Forwarder Customs Broker

Transco Cargo Australia – Difference Freight Forwarder Customs Broker