Courier Service Types

Courier Service Types

We live in a fast paced world, where instant gratification is sought after and we need things “NOW”! In times when couriers were not around, there were messenger boys. But since then, the things have progressed and there are several courier service types.  The essence of couriering is the get the goods from point a to point b as fast possible,  with the use of various transportation vehicles and means, over various distances. That’s where the courier service types come into question.

Couriers are used by many. Traditionally they were used by companies and people for different use such as to send documents and parcels and packages, but the most popular in most recent times are by online retailers and with the innovation, the likes of supermarkets/chain stores, florists and concierge services, restaurants and  apps, to name a few.

Also, the courier service types have also adapted based on a variety of factors from include the scope of work. Some of courier service types, which can be classified as last mile delivery services, could either cover a single city or even various cities/countries. It depends on their capacities.

  • Local Couriers – provides delivery services within a local city for local enterprises.
  • Global Courier – operates delivery services across different countries or continents, whereby they are shipped internationally.
  • Same Day Courier  – involves shipping goods/packages on the same day, whereby items must be picked up before noon and delivered by afternoon. This type usually has some restrictions based on geography/location, and route optimization is necessary.
  • Overnight Shipping  – similar to that of same day same day couriers, it involves deliveries made between after 5pm. This is preferred at times due to lack of traffic and faster delivery times.
  • Parcel Services – this includes delivery of goods within the hour and monitored based on specific locations.
  • On-Demand Delivery Courier Service Types – this refers to dedicated courier based on one-on-one allocation for rapid package delivery.

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Transco Cargo Australia - Young Asian Courier Is Using The Hand Of The Knock At The Door To Deliver The Goods

Transco Cargo Australia – Young Asian Courier Is Using The Hand Of The Knock At The Door To Deliver The Goods