Choosing Packaging that Suits your Shipment Requirement

Choosing Packaging that Suits your Shipment Requirement

One of the most common issues we see in the personal shipping sector is that incorrect use of packaging and packing based on the contents you are shipping. The empty space within these packaging can cause a lot of damage to the contents during shipment and transit, as it can cause not only structural damage to the boxes but cause the items to move around.

Choosing packaging that suits your shipment requirement goes a long way, and making sure that the packaging is of an acceptable quality is also vital to ensure you prevent damage. Whilst we do retail shipping boxes and crates online via the Transco Cargo website, we are open to the idea of repurposing card boxes at hand, as long as they are structural sound. Consideration for choosing packaging to suit your shipment requirement is as follows.

Choosing Packaging: Weight

The durability and the strength of the box or crate to be used for packaging, whereby it should be able to securely handle the weight of the contents within and maintain its structural ability whilst being shipped.

Choosing Packaging: Size and Shape

When choosing packaging for your shipping contents, the contents in itself should not fit snuggly into the box or crate, but should have a gap from the outer wall. If you are shipping items that are of an odd shape, then you should take caution to use packaging/stuffing materials.

Choosing Packaging: Form of Contents

If you are planning on shipping liquids or powders, there will be the need for special considerations when choosing packaging and different techniques too.

Choosing Packaging: Value of Contents

When choosing packaging for items of high value, you should also consider opting for extra cushioning and protection

Choosing Packaging: Fragility

Choosing packaging for fragile items needs to be done with care, where not only is extra cushioning and protection is required but also a special label is needed for the exterior of the shipping box/crate to ensure that freight handles do take care during transport.

Choosing Packaging: Final Use

If you are planning on choosing packaging that it meant to go straight to retail, you may need to consider aspects such as presentation and whether you want to avoid any markings on the box.

Choosing Packaging: Regulations

When shipping regulated items, please speak to us at Transco Cargo for special consideration required for choosing packaging when shipping such items.