Boxing Guidelines for Couriering your Goods

Boxing Guidelines for Couriering your Goods

When sending goods via courier, it is critical to adhere to proper packing and boxing guidelines! It is not only about the shipping box (or crate), but also about how well you pack and pad your box so that your goods remain safe during the overseas journey. When sending a courier to India from Australia, whether by sea or air, keep these in mind!

The fundamentals of packing and boxing your goods are straightforward: cushion your goods, box it (place them in the box), seal the box, and label it for shipping. However, we will go beyond the fundamentals and break down these rules for your convenience.

Cushion your Belongings

When we need to cushion your goods, essentially what you need to ensure is that the contents of your shipping box are protected from breakage or damage during transport. That is, if there is a road disturbance during transit, sea travel, or air travel, you must ensure that they do not break en route. Cushioning should be chosen based on two factors: density and thickness. When following the packing and boxing guidelines, you must consider the various cushioning materials used for shipping.

Putting it in a Box

When packing and boxing your goods, choose a shipping product (either a box or a crate) based on the size and weight of the goods you are shipping. That is, it must be large and strong enough to accommodate the goods as well as the thickness of the cushioning materials used.

Packing Your Box

After you’ve packed and boxed your items, the next step is to seal them up. To firmly hold down the shipping box flaps, we recommend using two packaging tape strips to seal the top and bottom sides of the shipping box in the “H” method.

Mark your Box

A shipping label is critical, and it should include the recipient’s complete address. It should be placed on the most visible part of the shipping box (or crate), away from any folds or seams.

Transco Cargo Australia - Boxing Guidelines For Couriers

Transco Cargo Australia – Boxing Guidelines For Couriers