Australian Import Process Flow

Australian Import Process Flow

Are you looking to import into Australia? Looking for more information on the import process flow? We have you covered! Keep reading for essential information on the Australian import process flow when importing goods into Australia.

First and foremost, you should be advised that any good being imported into Australia that is valued over AUD$1000 will need to enter the country with an “Import Declaration” which can be made in a number of ways; through the   ICS (Integrated Cargo System), or via the B650 Customs document.  Based on various factors pertaining to the type/nature of the goods, certain fees may be generated. As the importer, you should remember that you will be required to pay Goods *& Services tax (GST) when it arrives in Australia.

At Transco Cargo, we recommend you take us on as your Customs Brokers to make the Australian import process flow better and easier on yourself, as we can assist you in all matters including that of filling out the Import Declaration form. Furthermore, we can also undertake other aspects of the import process to make it a hassle free experience such as looking for cost-efficient customs tariffs.

It’s important to also remember that there may be specific Australian import process procedures and formalities such as with importing medicine, waste, plants or live animals. By speaking to Transco Cargo about your goods, it will allow you to understand where your cargo goods are classified. In the event you are importing commercial samples, you may acquire an ATA carnet which will classify it as a free sample that cannot be sold and allow you certain benefits such as not needing a customs declaration and not needing to pay a deposit in the country of import.

As previously mentioned, the Australian import process customs threshold from which tariffs are required lies at A$1000 and in terms of average customs duty it lies at 5%. However, for other goods such as automobiles, textiles & shoes, they will carry a higher customs tariff (17.5% on average and up to 25%). There are preferential rates when dealing with imports from Pacific countries and Papua New Guinea.  The customs tax base Is usually based on the valuation of the imported  goods, whereby the tax will be payable to as soon as your customs brokers, Transco Cargo, has cleared your cargo through Australian Customs.

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