What Transco Cargo Can Offer You For All Your Year-Round Shipping Needs

What Transco Cargo Can Offer You For All Your Year-Round Shipping Needs

With the New Year around the corner, Transco Cargo with its parent company Transco International has been working tirelessly to improve our customer experience. With the need for all your year-round shipping needs in mind, we have made some improvements and offerings to make your life easier.

Frequent Sailings

Transco Cargo has frequent sailings which are viewable on our online shipping calendar. With frequent sailings to India, Sri Lanka and Fiji (January to March 2017 are as follows), finding out when the next shipment is a breeze.

Transco Cargo Australia - Transco Cargo to 2017 Shipment Dates Calendar - Jan Feb Mar

Frequent shipment cut off date to other countries are as follows  for your year-round shipping needs.

Transco Cargo Australia - Screenshot 2016-12-22 13.29.54

Shipments to Sri Lanka

In the new year, starting February to November  of 2017, Transco Cargo has scheduled weekly cargo shipments to Colombo, with cut-offs every Saturday. Transco Cargo is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, and on Saturday from 9am to 1pm, but closed on Sundays and public holidays. Find our pickup and drop off locations on our website at Our Locations.

Domestic Shipping & Express Shipping

There are various choices of Australian domestic shipping options to choose from. Our recent blog post “Domestic Shipping across Australia” looked at the type of freight transport services are on offer for small to medium sized businesses.

There are various means of express shipping, for domestic or international freight, as follows;

Transco Cargo Australia - transco_comercial_cargo_ad_2016_v2-1 - Copy (3)

Door-to-Door Delivery

We are able to pick up your goods for shipping from your home or office, handle packaging, shipping and customs clearance and end at delivering them to the intended destination without a hassle.

Car Shipping via Container and RORO Shipping

Transco Cargo offers vehicle-shipping options via FCL or on RORO basis to ship vehicles from Australia to Dubai or Sri Lanka. Our customer agents are happy to answer any of your questions!

Stay Tuned to Transco Cargo

Look out for limited time/special offers during holidays such as third box at free or at discounted rate to name a few. You can tune in by signing up for our newsletter and hear all the news and special offers. You can sign up for our newsletter on the homepage of our website by taking caution to sign up for the interested countries and Australian states as our newsletter cater to them specifically. You can also download our Transco Cargo app on the Apple store or Google Play store to keep yourself updated on the calendar, offers and other all year-round shipping needs.