3PL – Third Party Logistics Solutions

3PL – Third Party Logistics Solutions

3PL, what does it mean? What does it stand for? For those who are not in business, this may be an alien term. At Transco Cargo Australia, we offer both personal and commercial freight forwarding services to Australia and the rest of the world.

Third party logistics is often known as either 3PL or TPL refers to a business/company outsourcing its supply chain elements in part or in whole to fulfil distribution services. Transco Cargo offers third party logistics solutions to business that includes integrated solutions of warehousing and transport. These 3PL services can be customized to fit those of our customer’s requirements and amended to the market they are in. By entering a partnership with Transco Cargo Australia, we would supply the needs, demands and delivery services of your products and materials.

Most often than not, the 3PL services move beyond that of just transport but integrate with other value-added services such as with production or the procurement of the goods in question. When this occurs, the process is called third-party supply chain management provider (3PSCM).  We , Transco Cargo as your third party logistics solutions provider will be integrated into your business’s supply chain with functions such as supply management (warehousing, transportation, raw material provisions).

There are a variety of third party logistics solutions providers; standard 3PL provider, service developer, customer adapter, and customer developer.

  • The Standard 3PL Provider: This type of third party logistics solutions provider is the foundation of a 3PL. Services provided by a 3PL include everything from picking and packing, warehousing, to distribution.
  • Services Developer: A services developer offers a bit more than a standard 3PL provider including valued added services such as with assets/goods tracking, cross-docking, specific packaging and more. IT services are needed to become a Services Developer.
  • Customer Adapter: This type of third party logistics solutions provider is one that adapts to the customers’ needs and requirements, and will also take over the company’s logistics operations to improve and enable full functionality across board. It is an ideal choice if the company is small-scale.
  • Customer Developer: Considered the most advanced option of a 3PL provider with both customer and company integration of the entire logistics functionality.

Speak to us at Transco Cargo Australia to find the best fit as your third party solutions provider.