Send Cargo to Canada

Send Cargo to Canada

Businesspeople and residents alike look for the best shipping rates when looking to send cargo overseas from Australia. If you fall into either category and you are looking to send cargo freight to Canada, you may find this article useful. Sending freight to Canada from Australia seems like quite the distance, and using a reputable freight forwarder is necessary. For an efficient and seamless process, you should opt for a logistics service provider who has an extensive global network of shipping agents dedicated to giving you the best shipping experience, whether it is for business or personal purposes.

Transco Cargo Australia - Send Cargo to Canada from Australia with Transco Cargo

At Transco Cargo, not only do we offer you affordable shipping rates to Canada but also offer value-added services to make your life easier. Apart from shipping advice and assisting with getting the shipping documentation in order, customs clearance is hassle free when you hand it over to us. With our shipping network and connections, we are able to move things along faster and get your cargo to where it needs to be in less time and without hassle.

To ensure hassle-free shipping to Canada from Australia, the following international shipping documents are necessary. Our Transco Cargo shipping agents will be able to advise you on how best to fill them out if assistance is needed. It should be noted that when sending cargo to Canada from Australia, also referred to as exporting to Canada, the international shipping documentation is the responsibility of the shipper (exporter). Transco Cargo are able to assist in the ensuring that the documentation is above board as corrections cannot be made once the goods have left the shipper, and may result in costly delays.

  • Bill of Lading – the BOL needs to be filled out accurately by the shipper, and should include consignee’s name & address, as well as the description of the goods. It should also include the name of the customs broker.
  • The exporter in Australia (i.e. the person who will be sending cargo to Canada) should complete the certificate of origin document.
  • Commercial Invoice – This important document is necessary for customs clearance and referred to as a Customs Invoice. It should have a list of all the commodities clearly listed along with the respective monetary value. The commercial/customs invoice should include the description of goods, country of origin, and value.
  • Canada eManifest – This is a procedure required by the Advance Commercial Information (ACP) program which requires freight forwarders, carriers and importers to electronically transmit their cargo information electronically to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). You

Whilst the above is necessary for sending business cargo to Canada from Australia, if you are looking to send personal effects, a customs brokerage representation would be advised. The Personal Effects Accounting Document is one of the other shipping documentations that you need to fill when sending personal cargo to Canada. You should be informed that if you are former resident (lived outside Canada for over 1 year) or an immigrant, you are not required to pay customs duty or tax if the personal effects or household goods has been owned and used for at least 6 months.