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Are you looking to buy things on your wish list from Australia, especially if are you not be able to buy those here in Sri Lanka? Then you are sure to love Transco Shopping! Items like quality diapers, baby products, health and wellness items, are often not readily available in Sri Lanka. That’s why we at Transco Shopping want to help make life easier. We are able to help you purchase items such as quality baby diapers that you may not find in your local supermarket or other quality items from Australia such as house furnishings, party accessories, tools and appliances and more. This helpful service even allows you to buy items in bulk and have it shipped down in our weekly shipments, which will then be at your doorstep in 6-8 weeks’ time from the time of purchase. How amazing is that?


With so many products available at your fingertips via many popular online shopping destinations overseas, we at Transco Shopping cut down the logistics of getting the goods to you to make it a hassle-free shopping experience. It is quite simple.


The Transco Shopping Process involves sending us the website URL of the product(s) you want to buy online from overseas. These can be from any popular online shop or store such as Find the product(s) you want to purchase on websites such as Amazon, Kmart,, Ebay, Ikea, Next, Target, and more. After we receive your message, we will get back to you with a full quotation with the final price that is including taxes, shipping, and Transco fees. After which, you can reach us to make the necessary payment to make the order confirmation, and we at Transco Shopping, will arrange everything from purchasing your item, to shipping, customs, and delivery too!


It used to be hard to get things down to Sri Lanka, but now with Transco Shopping it is much easier! Let us at Transco Shopping make the process easier for you to shop for goods overseas with ease! All you need to do is look up the items you want online and fill in the form to let us know what you are after! It is that easy! Shop with Transco Shopping; bringing the world closer to you!