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The need to send personal effects from one country or destination to another has been a much needed requirement for many over the centuries. We are now able to offer the services faster and more efficiently that the pioneer days. If you are looking to send excess personal baggage via air or sea freight to various destinations worldwide from Australia, Transco Cargo is the right match for you. Under the our Personal Effects shipping services, we personal excess baggage or unaccompanied luggage shipping which is considered an item or items of personal property that you need to ship overseas.

Excess baggage often occurs in various occasions. You may have had a trip overseas and have accumulated more baggage than your airline allowance, or even when in need of returning home from studying in Australia or simply requiring taking with you various items to take home on vacation, you may find yourself in a predicament. We have a solution for your excess baggage problem so that you avoid high airline fees. We recommend you send your unaccompanied excess baggage via our two freight options with the value added service of delivery too. You can choose to send your excess baggage over air cargo for more urgency or via ocean cargo for a more budget-friendly option.

Whether you’re looking at sending your unaccompanied personal baggage full of books, computers, souvenirs, and other personal items, we assure you that our charges are much less than the high excess baggage fees that you will have to incur at the airport.

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What we require is you to drop us a request via our Quick Quote page, specify your requirement and we will get back to you with an obligation-free. We can even arrange pick-up from your location, have it packed and ready for shipment in a flash! Once it has shipped based on air or sea freight, we can also undertake clearing it for you at the destination and organise delivery to your doorstep too.

At Transco Cargo, our value added services go a long way to making life easier for you. Sending your excess personal baggage with Transco Cargo is a hassle-free way of sending your personal effects overseas from Australia, whilst saving you time, money and effort. Contact Transco Cargo for an obligation-free quote and enjoy your flight back!


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