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Hiring a Custom Brokers in Australia

If you or your company requires services for shipping goods internationally, or, receiving merchandise from overseas, then consider hiring a Customs Broker Service with Transco Cargo, Australia. This hassle-free service can take the doubt and worry about filling out the correct paperwork or paying the appropriate taxes and tariffs when you need to ship your commercial cargo or personal effects over sea, air and road freight.

What is a Customs Broker?

A customs broker is an agent that will make sure goods and merchandise get through customs without muss or fuss. All documentation is prepared as required by government customs regulations for importing and exporting of materials and merchandise by Transco Cargo. In addition, the customs broker will make sure all taxes, tariffs and excises have been paid.

When is a Customs Broker Used?

A customs broker is best used to help clear shipments of merchandise through customs. In addition these brokers can handle the import and export of goods via sea or air. At Transco Cargo, we believe hiring a customs broker regardless of the shipping method is a good idea.

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Two for One

Perhaps the easiest path to take is to hire a customs broker that will ship the merchandise to its destination or collect and deliver it to your home or business. Transco International with its subsidiary, Transco Cargo has been offering this service to their clients for years now. We will even provide our own containers for shipping if necessary. Our goal is to ensure your goods make it safely to their destination with all exporting and customs requirements completed. In addition Transco Cargo will pick up any imported merchandise, make sure it clears customs and all import fees are paid before delivering it to its destination.

Customs Services

We offer the following services:

  • Air, Sea and Post Clearances
  • Tariff Valuations and Consulting
  • Tariff Concession Applications
  • Tariff Classification Advice

Make Commercial Cargo easier by downloading the Transco Cargo Commercial Cargo Documents and Forms.


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