Sealing and Labelling your Shipping Box

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Packing away your contents in a shipping box is important but making you seal and label them correctly, is also vital. In this blog, we look at sealing and labelling your shipping box in order for it to retain its shape and protect the contents within during its journey. It is important to choose the… Read more »

Shipping Market Insights

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The shipping market is one that is constantly changing, whereby the economy that surrounds merchant based shipping is considered a cyclic market. This cycle occurs through four stages; the trough, recovery, peak and collapse. Shipping Market: Cycle – Trough This stage of the cyclic market of shipping shows signs of capacity surpluses, and freight rates… Read more »

Be in the Know when Sending Goods Overseas via Ocean Freight

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When it comes to sending goods overseas, if you have a small amount of goods to send overseas, then you may simply opt for air freight, especially if the goods are needed urgently. However, if you have a substantial amount of goods at hand, and it needs to travel quite the distance plus isn’t urgent,… Read more »

Difference between a Consignor and Consignee

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In the shipping industry, there are many terms that are used for the various parties involved. These terms can also change based on the transactions at hand, especially when classifying whether they are personal or commercial transactions. For instance, a consignor and consignee are terms often used in the business sector for trade transactions. To… Read more »

The Difference between Packing and Packaging

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More often than not, the two terms are interchanged and unfortunately, that is not the case, as these two shipping terms are not synonymous. When it comes to purchasing items from ecommerce websites, you often see additional costs for the likes of “packing and packaging” or “post or postage”. Often these two are paired together… Read more »

Choosing the Packing for your Cargo

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The condition of your cargo during transport is heavily reliant on how well you pack it into the boxes or crates.  The type of packing you choose will also be based on the goods you are dispatching, the mode of transport and the condition you want to receive it at the destination point.  The type… Read more »

Choosing How to Dispatch your Cargo

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When you are sending freight overseas, your options are either air freight or sea freight. The selection process of how you choose which way to dispatch your cargo oversea is based on a few criteria. The deciding factors  are many including the level of urgency of the cargo, the physical nature of the cargo and… Read more »

An Introduction to Shipping to and from India

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Figuring out the different processes that is involved when shipping and to and from India is something that we undertake on your behalf.  To avoid any delays when shipping to and from India, knowing the basics is the best course of action. At Transco Cargo, we have put together a quick guide and introduction on… Read more »

The Processes of a Freight Forwarder

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A freight forwarder is an important part of the cargo industry that transports trillions of goods annually. By working closely with your freight forwarder, you can ensure the best experience in shipping globally. If you are in business, by partnering up with a great freight forwarder, you can expand and grow your trading business. One… Read more »

Australian Import Process Flow

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Are you looking to import into Australia? Looking for more information on the import process flow? We have you covered! Keep reading for essential information on the Australian import process flow when importing goods into Australia. First and foremost, you should be advised that any good being imported into Australia that is valued over AUD$1000… Read more »