Supply Chain Trends to Look Out For

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The progression of supply chain and logistics in global trade is ever evolving and thus, it is important to say on top of the supply chain trends that keep evolving, especially those that would affect your business model. Smart Warehouses The norm of warehouses is that at least 10% of the market deals with pallet… Read more »

Why you should Request for Marine Cargo Insurance Coverage

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A lot of business that trade in goods internationally make it a point to take on marine cargo insurance coverage because it safeguards their bottom line against losses for whichever reason (which we will talk about a little later in the blog).  If you are planning on freighting goods overseas via ocean cargo during seasons… Read more »

Why You Should Get Sea Cargo Insurance

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Sea Cargo is one on the preferred modes of transporting of freight between countries for centuries. At first it was the only means of which goods could be bartered across the oceans, but nowadays, compared to the alternative of air cargo, sea cargo fares better due to its cost efficiency. However, if you really were… Read more »