A Consol Box and the Benefits of Containerisation

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What’s a “Consol Box” you ask? It requires a bit of background information, so let’s get you all caught up with how a Consol Box works in containerised shipments and why LCL cargos are related to Consol Boxes. Containerisation revolutionised the shipping industry when it was introduced over six decades ago, making waves in globalisation… Read more »

Low Cost Shipping with LCL and FCL Freight

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In our last post, we looked into the future of container shipping. To fully understand the trend and expectation of its future, we highlighted the history of the container shipping industry and how it has changed other industries for global trade with bringing in low cost shipping options with the introduction of both LCL and… Read more »

The Future of Container Shipping

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In the 1960s, there was much upheaval with regards to the container shipping industry, with the United States launching Container Boxes it with also the first purpose built shipping lines meant to carry them across the seas and oceans. That’s when stakeholders in the industry had to rethink their strategy, bringing in new ideas to… Read more »