Corporate Philosophy

The Guiding Principles of the Company

Corporate Vision

To build long term relationships with customers by meeting all their freight forwarding requirements in a timely and efficient manner, and thereby contributing to their business success.

The Company

  • An independent flexible medium-size Australian freight forwarding company
  • A niche freight forwarder for international forwarding from Australia
  • Setting up fair long-term partnerships with all business partners

Corporate Mission

To be recognised as a specialist in the field of International Freight Forwarding, providing high quality products, superior service and operational accuracy.


  • Cooperative management style
  • Better than a hierarchical structure
  • Knowledge management
  • Team adjusts to changing processes
  • Adapt to stakeholder requirements and needs

Corporate Values

Engendering an environment of trust, integrity and team spirit built on quality work ethics.


  • Continual further training
  • Respectful attitude to one another
  • Modern working environment
  • We see constant change as a constant challenge


  • Quality of the highest standard
  • Removing barriers for our customers
  • Reacting with great flexibility to customer requirements

Quality Policy

Customer satisfaction

  • Correct advice
  • Competitive prices
  • Documentation on time and error-free
  • Smooth transport processing

Service quality

  • Highest possible service quality

Employee satisfaction

  • Employees with special knowledge
  • Continual employee training, in-house and externally
  • Modern working methods

Troubleshooting / zero-error strategy

  • Prompt handling of complaints
  • Preventative QM system
  • Error prevention rather than troubleshooting


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