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Freight forwarding is an important factor in your supply chain especially if you deal with international suppliers and a fundamental link in your business model. Freight forwarding essentially is a service offered to businesses and companies that deal with imports and exports on an international, multi-national, global or transnational basis. What it actually involves is that the freight forwarding company, such as Transco Cargo Australia, will act as an intermediary between the client and various players in the transportation service industry to cater and fulfil your need for safe delivery of your cargo, as well as undertake the responsibility and duty of ensuring your requirement is met.

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One such example of using a freight forwarding service in Australia to ship your cargo from your current location to your destination of choice internationally (or otherwise) will involve a whole host of logistics and transport service providers, as well as being knowledgeable on the requirements and legalities involve in the import and export laws of each country’s ports.

A freight forwarding can either have and own their own carriers, or else utilise their partnerships and established business connections, from ocean freight service providers to shipping lines and more, to deliver the best service, the best price and the best course of action to ensure not only safe passage for your commercial freight, but also timely delivery within budget, with minimal burden to you. The pricing in fact, will depend on various factors from type of goods (hazardous, perishable, etcetera), origin and destination, special requirements, size & weight being some of the key factors.

One of the great things about utilising a reliable freight forwarding services company is that it will also take care of the ancillary services that are part and parcel of an international shipping industry. These will include liaising with insurance & customs documentation to clearance and more. Some of these documents include the likes of a Shippers Letter of Instruction, Shipping Declaration Form, Door Delivery Service Agreement, and a Packing List to name a few. Some freight forwarders also provide warehousing and storage facilities, air, sea & post clearances, tariff valuations & consultations, tariff concession applications, and tariff classification advice too.

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What does it mean in terms of Import/Export Companies & Transactions?

  • International: Importers Exporters without investments outside of their home countries.
  • Multi-national: Importers and Exporters invested in other countries but adapted to offering products/services to individual local markets opposed to coordinated offerings for each country.
  • Global: Importers and Exporters with investments in many countries with coordinated image and brand in each country across all markets.
  • Transnational: Importers and Exporters with investments in foreign operations, with a central corporate facility however each local market office is involved in marketing, R&D and other operations.

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If you are planning on moving or sending items of large or bulky nature to a location that is somewhat a great distance be it by road, sea or air, then you will require a freight forwarding service in Australia. You may need them to either carry out a singular service or act as a one-stop-shop for your freighting needs, where they will handle everything from sorting out the paperwork, to customs and more. This service is also known as customs brokerage. No matter the requirement you are looking for in terms of your logistics needs, with its reputation of reliability, as well as its global reach and service levels, you know you are in good hands.

Transco Cargo | Freight Forwarding in Australia

For anyone who is planning on using an import/export freight forwarding service in Australia, they should be made aware of the various documents that do need their attention as well as what the law states in terms what goods are safe to be transported and much more. This is why Transco Cargo is dedicated to not only providing a reliable service but also making sure that their loyal customers are well informed to avoid any issues down the road.

When it comes to Commercial Cargo, there are certain documents that need attention such as the Shippers Letter of Instruction which needs to be filled out by the Shipper and sent with the goods being shipped. With Personal Effects shipping, there are several forms and documents such as the Shipping Declaration Form which is another form that has to be filled and handed over along with your goods, the Door Delivery Service Agreement which should be attached to the Shipping Declaration Form (this form is mandatory for door delivery personal effects sent to Sri Lanka), and the Packing List which is the packing list document is used for customs purposes and is mandatory for personal effects sent to India.

Apart from the above, you should also be aware of the various customs regulations pertaining to freight forwarding in Australia and other countries you are hoping to carry out import/export. Important information that relates to the products that you are freighting, be it about duty rates, relevant information and documents & restrictions such as the Description of Goods (HS Code) or other information relating to the shipping and destination countries may be found on the Transco Cargo Important Information section. You might also find the Restricted Items listing per country useful too.

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When it comes to freight, there are many modes of transport, be it air freight, sea freight and road freight, as well as various requirements and situations that call for it, from personal effects shipping to commercial cargo.  Depending on your freight requirement and country of origin, there are things you need to know. Of course, in case you want the entire service carried out by a reliable freight solutions company such as Transco Cargo with its offering of Customs Brokering Services, then you are taken care of. However, in case you wanted to be a little informed on the ins and outs of the freight world, here are some things you should be aware of, such as standard freight documents and procedures.

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With personal effects shipping from Australia with Transco Cargo, there are many freight solutions and services provided to make life easier for you, especially when you are moving (to another country altogether). From supplying you with the necessary boxes and crates to house your personal effects for safe shipping, as well as offering short to long term warehousing should you require it, to carefully dispatching your goods to their destination and more, you can be assured of Transco Cargo’s commitment to the motto ‘We Love to Deliver’.

You are able to handle the documentation side of using Transco Cargo as your freight solutions provider by merely logging onto the internet and visiting the online freight documents download section to find the documentation you will need for personal effects shipping (along with forms that need to be filled out according to the country your are shipping to). These documents include the likes of the Shipping Declaration Form, Door Delivery Service Agreement (when signing up for this shipping service in Sri Lanka), and Packing List (a mandatory document required for Customs Clearance when shipping goods to India).

Personal Effects Shipping Documents

The Shipping Declaration Form is required when handing over your goods for shipping. It’s important that all information is accurately documented, and the sender and receiver’s names and addresses are clearly stated and labelled on the packages, as well as the boxes/crates are secured, nailed and/or taped down for secure shipping to your destination of choice.

The Door Delivery Service Agreement is required to make sure your personal effects reach their destination in Sri Lanka safely, and require the shipper to specify all the information Transco International may need to deliver it to the consignee.

The Packing List is essential for customs clearance in India, therefore take good care to mention all your items as well as shipper and consignee information too.

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We’ve all been there. Where, you ask? Well, trying to figure out how to get your cargo or goods cleared through customs. If you don’t know what to do, we have some insight for you. Clearing your cargo through customs involves procedures that need to be followed whether you are importing merchandise or shipping goods to the world. It’s always a good idea to hire a Cargo Customs Broker to assist you along the way, or frankly, just handle it all together.

There are many instances where a Customs Broker comes in handy. One instance would be if you are shipping cargo out to the world, and another if you are receiving cargo from overseas. There are so many procedures you need to handle, a lot of paperwork to fill, as well as a lot of payments that need to be taken care of which includes taxes and tariffs too. Essentially, through a cargo customs brokerage service you can get help to get all of this done, without a fuss.

Transco Cargo | Custom Broker Services | Freight Company Australia

At Transco Cargo, you can be assured that assistance will be provided with utmost care and commitment. From all the documentation that you will require for government customs regulations for import and export of goods, materials and merchandise, to payments of taxes, tariffs and excises; it will all be taken care of so that you need not worry. Your time is valuable to us as it is to you, and we make sure that it isn’t wasted by handling all the dealings of clearing your imports/exports through customs, if you choose us at Transco Cargo.

But that’s not all that is offered to you. Transco Cargo is part of Transco International, and with it more value added services can be extended to our clients by offering a hand-in-hand offer, a two-for-one or a ‘twofer’ as some call it. Not only will Transco Cargo act as a Customs Broker but also help you in collecting/delivering your goods and merchandise to the necessary location/destination. How convenient is that? The best part is Transco has the ability to even offer their containers and other services too, from start to finish.

Basically, Transco will have your goods safely reach its destination with the required exports and customs requirements fulfilled and alternatively collect and deliver any imported merchandise, ensure that it is cleared through customs and all import fees have been paid before reaching its final destination.  Other services offered under the Transco International umbrella include Air, Sea and Post Clearances, Tariff Valuation & Consulting, Tariff Concession Applications, and Tariff Classification Advice. Transco Cargo is truly the one-stop shop for all your shipping needs. Get a free quote today!