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Moving to Fiji and looking for a reliable freight forwarding company to ship personal effects from Australia to Fiji? Maybe you’re looking to export cargo to Fiji from Australia, or even looking to import goods into Fiji. There are many reasons why you would need to be informed on news of Fijian customs regulations and trends in the Fiji shipping industry.

Transco Cargo Fiji Customs regulations Personal Effects Shipping to Fiji


Whether you’re an individual or a business looking for freight forwarding solutions to Fiji, then you need not only a reliable but also affordable shipping company. If you’re looking towards personal effects shipping to Fiji, then choose a shipping service that also provides auxiliary service such as packing and crating, not to mention customs brokerage and/or delivery. These value added services makes all the difference.


Make an informed decision when choosing your shipping/freight provider, not to mention what is allowed through Fiji customs to avoid circumstances that your cargo may be detained due to restricted items included in your shipment. Whether you’re planning on shipping to Lautoka, Suva or any other Fiji destination, with a network of international logistics providers affiliated to your choice of freight forwarder, you will be able to get the best possible rates for personal effects shipping to Fiji. Though your freight shipping costs will depend on the size/weight of your shipment and the destination, by talking to a shipping agent, you will be able to find the best shipping option for you.


At Transco Cargo, we offer air and sea freight solutions to Fiji. With reliable and affordable freight shipping to Fiji, that is coupled with personalised logistics services especially with tailor made shipping solutions offered through Transco Cargo, your personal effects shipping to Fiji or even commercial cargo is in safe hands. If you’re looking to get a free shipping quote to Fiji, please take a moment to visit Quick Quote – Fiji.


Visit the following authority website to find out more about Customs Regulations and Fiji Imports – Fiji Revenue & Customs Authority.


The following includes shipment dates for freight shipping to Fiji with Transco Cargo.

Month Final Cut Off Date Estimated Arrival
January 2015-01-31 2015-02-26
February 2015-02-28 2015-03-26
March 2015-03-28 2015-04-24
April 2015-04-25 2015-05-21
May 2015-05-23 2015-06-19
June 2015-06-27 2015-07-24
July 2015-07-25 2015-08-21
August 2015-08-22 2015-09-18
September 2015-09-26 2015-10-23
October 2015-10-24 2015-11-20
November 2015-11-14 2015-12-11
December 2015-12-12 2015-01-08
January 2016-01-30 2016-02-25



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Packing can either be done by you, or you can assign it to Transco Cargo who will ensure that your personal items with concern to personal effects shipping items such as household good and furniture are competently packed into the boxes or crates. However if you are planning on packing the personal effects yourself before handing it off to your freight forwarders, then it’s best to know the ideal packing instructions we’ve compiled a few for you!

Transco Cargo Boxes and Crates Shipping Personal Effects

  • Choose the right box, making sure that the box can hold its weight and is made out of heavy corrugated cardboard. You may use crates if the items are heavier and you require more space.
  • Protect and Pack making sure that you have cushioning/padding with packing chips, bubble wrap or newspaper.
  • Seal carefully, making sure you cover all seams, preferably in an H-seam and not to leave any open areas.
  • Label your boxes with your name and destination address, as well as add a label with the same information on the inside incase the outside is torn/defaced.

Once your personal belongings, household items, furniture or other items you are planning on shipping overseas are correctly packed into boxes or crates, they will be protected using industrial wrapping and then secured to pallets for easier transport and safety in the case of sea freight route.

There are three modes of transporting your goods; road freight would be the choice when moving inland whilst sea/ocean freight and air freight are your choices when moving overseas.

The likes of road and sea freight in and from Australia are considerably cheaper whilst shipping by air is quicker but more expensive as the shipment time usually ranges between 4 to 5 businesses days when you have chosen to send items to countries that have high air traffic. However when you have a large number of items or they are heavy in nature, then it will be considerably cheaper to select shipping by sea, especially if you have the equivalent of one trunk worth of personal effects or more.

When choosing sea freight & cargo you will be charged a rate by cubic meter, therefore  you will be getting a cheaper shipping rate if you compare sea and air cargo services. However often, people in Europe choose road freight due to the need of crossing boarders as opposed to seas and oceans, this being the cheapest option of all three.

Once you’ve decided on the choice of transport to ship personal effects from your current location to another country, you will need the required documentation that should be filled correctly for effective personal effects shipping. Transco Cargo can be of assistance if any doubts come to mind.

After the goods have been shipped, a “Bill Of Lading” will be sent to the shipping destination which will be needed to collect the personal effects. This is a form of proof of ownership with regards to the shipment as well as to show that the necessary the docking charges have been paid. Once the local agent receives your bill of lading,  you be will be asked to settle customs clearance and handling charges and once they have been settled, you will be able to collect your goods.

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Here at Transco Cargo, Personal Effects Shipping is one of our prime services. Whether you’re in need of sending personal belongings, household goods, furniture or even overloaded/excess baggage, as a trusted freight forwarder in Australia with shipments all across the globe, you and your personal effects are in safe hands.

Transco Cargo Personal Effects Shipping Overseas Worldwide Deliverty

It’s a well known fact that often people flying overseas crossing and the issue of excess baggage, but rather than paying the high rates charged by airlines for the extra baggage weight, they simply choose the option of sending their overload baggage with a freight forwarder before they fly out.

The general economic trend has influenced many foreigners and international students to move to more profitable economies/countries or return to the homeland where they may find a lesser cost of living and better opportunities. With this situation, they will require their personal belongings, household appliances and even furniture to be shipped to their destination.

Once the decision to move has been made you need to make a choice to ship all or some of the personal effects via a freight forwarding company in Australia that can accommodate your requirements and is an affordable shipping option that is dependable and offers the best delivery time for shipping personal effects.

Items for Personal Effects or Excess Baggage Shipping include the likes of the following;

1. CDs

2. Books

3. Clothes

4. Household Goods

5. Household Kitchen Utensils

6. Furniture

7. Bikes

8. Beds

9. Garden and other household items are all shippable

10. Home and Office Equipment

Shipping personal effects (PE) and household goods (HHG) overseas requires you to make sure your goods are packed properly and listed in the Packing List document and a personal effect form if required.  Make sure to not include any prohibited items such as the following if you’re moving to Australia and importing personal effects/household goods where AQIS states that the likes of the following

“Outdoor furniture could harbour timber pests or be contaminated with soil or exotic weed seeds, while animal products such as meat, eggs, milk or cheese could contain diseases that could be transmitted to humans and other animals”

They are prohibited to ensure the Australian environment and agriculture industries are safe from pests and diseases”

Quarantine items may include the likes of the following;

“wooden items; food; soil on garden tools; vacuum cleaners with un-emptied dust bags; carpets; Christmas decorations; dried flowers; seeds; straws; skins; feathers; equipment used with horses or other animals; toys containing cotton waste, sand, straw or water”

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With this day and age, the whole globe is at your fingertips and new developments and progress in various industries have made it so that you can easily connect and network with one another. With worldwide shipping from Australia and various ports around the globe, your business can go from local to global with the right shipping partner at your fingertips.

If you’re residing in Australia and you’re planning on moving or need to ship personal effects to another country, you need to look for a worldwide shipping partner to assist you the ins and outs of worldwide shipping from Australia. A leading freight forwarding company will not only undertake shipping solutions by sea, air or road, but also aid in the likes of shipping consultancy, customs brokerage services, warehousing and much more. With worldwide personal effects shipping you are also offered the option of door-to-door delivery as an end-to-end freight forwarding solution.

With concern to commercial worldwide shipping from Australia, there are many ways about it depending on the size and processes of the business and company. For most small businesses, you will often find it is quite similar to personal effects shipping with shipment pick-ups and deliveries once an agreement has been set up with the freight forwarding company. For slightly larger companies, you will need advice on various freight solutions and how best to address them including the likes of the following.

Sea & Air Cargo Forwarding



Personal Effects

Other Shipping Services

International & Domestics Logistics

Documents & Samples

Customs Clearance & Delivery

Packing & Crating

Domestic Freight

LCL Consolidation & Deconsolidation


Tariff Advice

Unpacking & Delivery

Warehousing & Storage

Destination Services

Next Flight Out

DAFF & Customs Advice

Customs & Quarantine Handling

Air, Sea & Land Haulage

Dangerous & Reefer Cargo

Next Day AM Priority

Own Bonded Warehouse

Weekly Shipments Worldwide

Next Day AM Priority

Over Size Cargo Handling

Economy 3-7 Days

Documentation Advice

Own Regular Consolidation to India, Sri Lanka & Fiji

Economy Express

Worldwide Network

On-board Courier

 From selecting the correct choice of cargo loads (FCL/LCL) to customs brokerage services, warehousing, choice of freight solutions depending on timelines, capacity, urgency and more, these are some points that will need to be discussed with a representative or agent from your trusted worldwide shipping partner or service provider.

With worldwide shipments scheduled every week, you can easily plan your global logistics or personal schedules accordingly. The below includes the 2015 Schedule for Worldwide Shipping from Australia to India, Sri Lanka and Fiji. Please contact Transco Cargo for information on sending shipments to your country of choice.

Transco Cargo 2015 Calendar for Shipments Worldwide Shipping from Australia

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When moving to another country, or if you have family overseas, or even if your business requires you to send goods to foreign establishments or customers, you’ll be in need of a cargo shipping or freight option.  If you are choosing freight or cargo shipping from Australia to the world, then you are in good hands. With Transco Cargo, you are looking at a freight forwarding end-to-end service provider. If you choose the option of door-to-door delivery in terms of personal effects shipping to customs brokerage and tailor-made cargo/freight solutions, Transco Cargo is the freight forwarding leader in Australia with weekly shipments to the world.


 Transco Cargo Shipping Commericla Cargo Personal Effects Shipments

There are many reasons why you should choose Transco Cargo for your international cargo shipping from Australia. Offering a fast, affordable and personal service to both residential and commercial clients, we are more than proficient in handling everything from pick-up to delivery via the depots located across Australia to cargo handling, customs brokerage, cargo storage and warehousing requirements, to handling corporate relocations and consignments in Australia and overseas.

If your need is with regards to personal effects shipping, whether you are opting for road freight to air/sea freight solutions, you are able to choose the right size of packing boxes and crates, with the offer of packing and crating assistance to delivery and unpacking too. With a fleet of vehicles that are equipped with GPS technology, you are able to track and monitor the progress of your shipment from cargo collection to doorstep delivery. With weekly cargo shipping from Australia scheduled with shipment dates available online or by inquiry, you can make a sound decision with your domestic or international shipping needs.

In terms of commercial cargo shipping from Australia, a number of services are provided by Transco Cargo which can be tailored to fit your business requirement with the pricing structure altered to fit your specific need. With a worldwide network to facilitate international & domestic logistics, LCL consolidation & deconsolidation, destination services, DGR & reefer cargo, over size cargo handling, advice in terms of tariffs, AQIS, Customs and documentation, to customs brokerage  & delivery services, express delivery as well as storage in bonded warehouses, you know you are dealing with a reputed leading freight forwarding company in Australia.

When cargo shipping from Australia to the world, a country of your choice, it’s always best to be acquainted with the import laws and discuss with Transco Cargo representatives on best course of action or simply hand over the proceedings to Transco Cargo to undertake on your behalf.   With over two decades of cost-efficient, reliable and world-standard service to commercial and personal cargo clients, you are in safe hands with the Transco Cargo network.

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Continuing from an earlier blog post “Transco Cargo Logistics Glossary”, the following includes some more logistics and shipping terms used by freight forwarding companies such as Transco Cargo.

Transco Cargo Shipping Terms Important Information

Bulk Cargo – This refers to cargo that are not contained within some form of packaging and is stowed loosely in the modes of transportation be it a vehicle, vessel or hold. Cargo such as this includes grain, coal, and petroleum to name a few.

Cross-Dock – This is a transportation terminal where inbound shipments are directly transferred to the outbound shipping dock, where storage/warehousing are only done so temporarily during the unloading/loading transaction. This is similar to a “transit” situation when airline passengers are concerned, and often occurs when shipping vehicles is done.

Drayage – This refers to road freight/trucking movements of containers/trailers to and from rail intermodal yards and to and from port facilities.

FOB – An acronym for Freight on Board is referred to a “point”. An FOB Point is when the ownership of freight moves from the shipper/consignor to the consignee. The “FOB Origin” is an indication of the fact the consignee owns the cargo goods in transit; the “FOB Destination” is an indication that the shipper/consignor is the owner of the cargo goods in transit. The owner of cargo goods in transit is responsible for any losses/damage to the freight and should provide insurance for it.

Freight Bill-of-Lading – Also referred to as a Freight Bill, BL or BoL, it’s a document that provides a binding contract between two parties, the shipper/consignor and the carrier, specifying the obligations of both parties in the transportation of the freight. It acts as a receipt of freight by the carrier for the shipper and is a document that designates the consignee as well as the FOB point.

Freight FOB Terms of Sale – This document specifies a number of things relating to the FOB, such as (1) indicates who is responsible for arranging transportation and carrier, (2) indicates who pays for transportation, (3) mentions at which point and location the transfer of ownership from seller to buyer  (shipper/consignor to consignee) also known as the FOB point occurs, (4) freight charges (whether collect [collect: Buyer pays the freight chargers], prepaid [prepaid: Seller pays freight charges], prepaid and charged back [prepaid and charged back: Seller pays in advance (bears the cost) and then bills the buyer for the charges incurred]). Examples:  FOB-Origin, Freight Collect: Consignee pays for freight and holds ownership of cargo in transit. FOB-Destination, Freight Prepaid: Shipper pays for freight and holds ownership of cargo in transit. FOB-Destination, Freight Prepaid and Charged Back: Shipper holds ownership of cargo in transit and pays for freight but bills the Consignee for freight charges incurred.

Stay tuned to the Transco Cargo blog for the next installment of Shipping Terms in the coming weeks.

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As an Australian freight forwarding service provider for over 20 years, Transco Cargo has garnered its title of being the best and most affordable choice for personal effects and cargo shipping to and from Australia. Based in Melbourne, with offices and agencies across the land down under, as well as many offices worldwide as part of the core business network, Transco Cargo keeps an eye out for changes and trends in the Australian freight forwarding industry in order to proactively adapt and advise our clients and customers on the best means of shipping their cargo and goods to their choice of destination.

Australia freight forwarding inland courier

When it comes to Australian freight forwarding as well as international logistics, Transco Cargo holds expertise in various shipping fields from the likes of exporting and importing, customs brokering, logistics management, global procurement, warehousing, transport and of course freight forwarding in Australia and internationally. There are many facets to freight forwarding and international logistics that work hand in hand with business where commercial cargo & couriers to transport & warehousing are concerned. For a corporate to run like a well-oiled ship, there are many ways a freight forwarder such as the Australia-based Transco Cargo is best suited for your shipping requirements. With expert knowledge in international business management & communication, transport and shipping (covering air, sea & road freight), trade & border controls, multi-modal transport systems, supply chain management, as well as maritime law, you are in safe hands.

Market cycles play a great part in the shipping industry and the direction it takes. With the current situation of “reduced level of world economic growth coinciding with overcapacity in the global fleet”, the shipping market will face considerably tough conditions in the future, with regards to the balance between supply and demand. Adapting to changes in the global freight arena due to influences from North America, Europe and Asia, the Australia freight forwarding industry will need to be diligent. Transco Cargo is ready and prepared to handle changing tides and adapt to these foreseeable changes by closely monitoring the market whilst providing expert advice to our clients and customers with our decades of experience in Australian freight forwarding. In terms of the General Cargo and Refrigerated Cargo as part of seaborne transport (sea freight), an increase is foreseen by trade/commodity with trade patterns leaning towards long-term trends.

Stay tuned to the Transco Cargo blog for more insight and updates of the Freight Industry and the changes affecting cargo to and from Australia.

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Whether you’re planning on moving to the island or sending personal effects to family and friends, or sending out crates of goods, cargo shipping to Mauritius via Transco Cargo is reliable and convenient.  Before sending cargo to Mauritius, you should be aware of the rules and regulations that concerns cargo shipments entering the country. Being aware of practices, methods and prerequisites necessary for cargo shipping to Mauritius to avoid a less than favourable shipping experience is a good rule of thumb and it’s also good to be aware of general knowledge concerning South Africa, Madagascar and island in the Indian Ocean.

Cargo Shipping Australia to Mauritius Transco Cargo Shipping

Transco Cargo will take care of personal effects to commercial cargo shipping to Mauritius, as well as go the distance and undertake tasks that free you from the hassle of documentation that pertains to shipping freight across the world. When using our customs brokerage services, we will take care of customs clearance and quarantine advice for any import and export freight forwarding to Mauritius. Our team of experts in the shipping industry will guide you with the needful and undertake the processes that are necessary to ship your cargo to this beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. From air to sea freight, the choice of container loads – LCL or FCL, Transco Cargo with its parent company Transco International will offer services in transporting & warehousing goods, distribution as well as break bulk or project cargo shipping to Mauritius.  But that is not all; you can also send personal goods inclusive of gifts, household items, furniture and electrical items to loved ones in the island by way of courier to Mauritius via Transco Cargo.

Under warehousing services provided, all facilities are monitored 24/7 offering around the clock security, whereas with the transportation services all fleets have GPS tracking to ensure safe delivery of goods. With utmost care taken to achieve customer satisfaction and offer our customer peace of mind, Transco Cargo takes pride in the twenty years of continued growth has made us the best choice for couriers and cargo shipping to Mauritius and the world with our head offices situated in Melbourne, Australia.

With an intimate understanding of Mauritian and Australia  culture and business requirements, Transco Cargo takes care to fulfil the requirements of the booming cargo market in the island, making Transco Cargo being based in Australia the preferred partner of choice in freight forwarding for many Mauritian based personal and commercial cargo service providers. Being an integral part of supply chain management to many businesses in Mauritius, we can assist with various business segments or vertical amalgamations of a corporate umbrella.

Ship, ship, hooray!

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When it comes to logistics and shipping industry, there are many terms that stand out from your every day vocabulary. The Transco Cargo Logistics Glossary is an aid for understanding the intricacies of the logistics arena. The following is the first part of the instalment.

Transco Cargo Logistics Freight Forwarding Agent

Break-Bulk Cargo – This includes non-containerised shipping of goods on either conventional ships or Roll On/Roll Off (Ro/Ro) ships (where the goods are wheeled using ramps as opposed to cranes for loading/unloading).

Carrier – A term referring to a firm that offers transportation/logistics services such as a trucking company, parcel delivery company, etcetera.

Consignee – Also known as the recipient or freight receiver, it is the individual or company that the freight is shipped to.

Consignor – Also known as a Shipper, it is the individual or company that the freight is shipped from.

Consolidation – The accumulation of various small shipments (often different consignors/shippers) into large shipment quantities in order to achieve transportation costs economies of scale.

Detention/Demurrage – The penalty charges for holding transportation equipment longer than expected during loading/unloading by the carrier to a consignor or consignee.

Door-to-Door– Where freight is moved from the consignor’s location of origin to the destination being the consignee for a given rate.

Dunnage – This includes wood (such as pallets) and packaging materials used inside of containers (and transportation vehicles) to keep cargo in place.

FCL (Full Container-Load) – When a consignor/shipper signs up for an entire container full of shipments and relates to ocean shipping.

Interline Shipment – Involves when a shipment moves from the origin to its destination passing through several carriers, often two or more.

LCL (Less-than-Container-Load) – When a consignor/shipper signs up for ocean shipping via containers but will not require an entire container full of shipments.

NVOCC – An abbreviation for Non-Vessel Operation Common Carrier, it refers to a logistics service provider that does not own vessels but offers freight forwarding services  via ocean shipping.

Reefer – This includes a refrigerated container often for shipping perishable items.

DGR – Dangerous Goods Regulations relates to the regulations and restrictions associated with the variety of classifications of Dangerous Goods and it’s safe transportation guidelines.

AQIS – Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, is the authority that manages quarantine controls at the borders to minimise the risk of exotic pests and diseases entering the country. It’s part of the for is part of the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF).

Keep tuned into our blog for the next instalments of the Transco Cargo Logistics Glossary.