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When you are traveling abroad and you end up with more baggage than you planned, you may find yourself with a need for excess baggage shipping. This is due to your airline being unable cannot accommodate due to weight restrictions or because you may have to pay hefty excess baggage fees.  You may be someone travelling on vacation and bought way too much stuff to bring back on the plane. You may also be an importer who wants to bring back a lot of goods with you. There may even be a chance you may be migrating to another country for a new job with all your belongings to start a new life. No matter what it is, we at Transco Cargo can assist you to sort out your excess baggage shipping and make things easy for you.

Transco Cargo Excess Baggage Shipping Services

On Business

If you are a businessperson and you travelled overseas to procure items for your business unavailable in your country, you would want to bring back as many of those items as possible. If you want to ship back all the extra things you bought on your buying trip, we are the perfect company to hire. We can help in numerous ways, such as helping with the excess baggage packing of boxes and to wrap your cargo with appropriate packaging. Transco Cargo can also help you fill out all the paperwork and arrange freight at our earliest.

On Holiday

Airlines only allow passengers to allow a certain weight of baggage on a single flight (depending on the flight and country) but on average it is about 11kg. This may be adequate for your first flight to the destination but no one comes back from a holiday empty handed. All your gifts, souvenirs, and clothes will need to be shipped back separately and we can offer you an outstanding service for you. Simply dial our number and speak to us, and we will arrange everything and let you know a date when you can expect your baggage.

Moving for a job

The global job market is becoming more and more competitive. Many people are faced with a decision to move abroad for employment if they want to succeed as many people are offered great employment opportunities overseas. It is an exciting but strenuous process and your life will be completely uprooted. You can free yourself from some of that burden. Let us handle your logistical requirements. We will ensure all your belongings are packed safely and sent to the destination by the time you reach there.

At Transco Cargo, we offer fair and competitive rates for our excess baggage services. We usually charge by weight per item but for items with unconventional shapes, (such as surfboards, chairs, and more), we will charge by volume. You do not need to worry about extra baggage when you travel overseas again. We will ensure the safe delivery of your baggage. We will pick up your baggage from your door and make sure it is waiting for you on the other side. Get in contact with us and we will offer you a world class, professional service no matter what your budget is!

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Most airlines allow passengers to carry 15 lbs to 40 lbs of luggage on a single flight (depending on the flight and country). This may not be enough for passengers who simply have more belongings to take with them.  The same applies to when passengers cannot bring back gifts and personal items they have purchased overseas because their goods exceed the luggage limit defined by airlines. Different airlines have different specifications and limits when it comes to excess passenger luggage.

excess personal luggage from australia transco cargo


Obviously, it is not advisable to include items like knives, lighters, fireworks or even live animals, as they might be hazardous and dangerous. Assuming your personal effects are legal and accepted by the airline, you can start considering the best way to transport your excess personal luggage before flying since it is always best to try and reduce the weight of your luggage in order to avoid extra luggage fees.


It is always better to keep your bags backed at least 2 days prior to your flight – packing your stuff in a hurry at the last moment means you will have a messy and a heavy bag.


Pack only the basic things you need; all your toiletries in one case which can be tucked in to the side cover of the luggage, all your business suits and casual wear neatly folded and packed, your personal effects and electronics can be carried in your hand luggage. Don’t take too many business suits with you – a couple of blazers and matching pants. Take a couple of pairs of jeans that you are willing to leave behind at the hotel. The same applies to underwear and casual wear. Pack your luggage proportionately, reducing the weight as much as possible. When you return from your trip, you can always discard the extra clothes that you do not want in order to make up more space for all your souvenirs and gift items.


Packing efficiently may save a lot of money for you. However, what if your luggage still exceeds the weight limit of your flight? Airlines do allow passengers to carry extra weight as long as you pay for it. Most airlines would charge something between $10 – $30 per lbs and you may end up paying $100 – $150 for a single extra luggage. This service is quick, but expensive. If you exceed the weight limit, you can pay the extra luggage fees at the airport and proceed to boarding.


Airfreight charges are generally cheaper than paying extra luggage fees to a passenger airline – especially if you have a lot of luggage. Even with ex-works and transport charges, this method will cost you less than the alternative and it is advisable to plan and early if you hope to bring back a lot of stuff from abroad! Getting down your extra luggage via airfreight will take a couple of days to reach your doorstep, but it’s guaranteed to save you more money.


If you want to save money and like to plan ahead, get in contact with a local forwarding agent who offers air freight services for excess personal luggage. Transco Cargo offers quick and efficient services for excess personal luggage from Australia to anywhere in the world. Visit us at for more information.

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Sending cargo to your required destination is not a tricky thing to plan out anymore. With modern transportation and excellent coordination by cargo management companies, your goods will safely reach its destination within days. Transporting goods to India from Australia is now hassle free thanks to Transco Cargo’s scheduling, and the execution done by the logistics team. However, there could be certain rules and regulations that need to be followed when sending cargo to a foreign country. Let’s explore in brief how cargo can be transported to India from Australia.


Finding out the Schedule

This is all based on when you need to send the goods across and finding the right schedule to meet your deadline.  Cargo shipments usually take between 4 weeks – 6 weeks, so it is always best to plan out ahead. To find out the scheduling dates, please have a look at the Transco Cargo freight shipment schedule.

Transco Cargo Sending Cargo to India from Australia Shipment Schedule

Getting to know Important Information Relevant to the Destination of Arrival

It is important to always find out any relevant information on freight forwarding to the destination you plan to send your cargo to. There could be several export regulations that could apply to your cargo. Just like any customs regulatory, the central board of excise and customs in India, have highlighted their export regulations to ensure all goods that arrive are within its specific requirements. For detailed information on tariffs, embargos and customs details please visit

The Importance of Relevant Documentation

Shipping documents are legal forms that are applied in the process of transporting goods from one destination to another. These shipping documents are essential for the legal transport of goods in domestic backgrounds as well as with international shipping of all kinds. The precise documents vital to managing the shipment and delivery of merchandises will differ, based on regulations and principles that apply at both the initial point for the shipment and the destination, in this case, Australia, as well as any points in between where the merchandises must be disclosed and inspected.

Shipping documents are essential to protecting and binding all parties involved in the shipping procedure. By meeting terms  with the shipping regulations that apply, it is possible to make sure that orders are accurate, are transported in time, are packaged in a method that is well within the shipping standards, and that the duties charged for the shipping process itself are attuned with any contracts that exist between the shipper and the transporter. If in any case the shipping documents required by law are not organized properly, there is a possible chance that the cargo will be held back until the errors are modified or replacement documents are organized and forwarded to the site where the  cargo is temporarily stored. For a detailed look at shipping documents, please visit the Transco Cargo Documents page.

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Transco Cargo, Australia’s leading cargo firm will be celebrating 25 years of operation in the industry since its establishment in 1991. The firm is currently a leading logistics and transportation services provider in Australia and worldwide. Throughout the years, Transco Cargo’s team of professionals have dedicated their service to ensure the organization provides the best of service to customers globally.


A free seminar was held in Sydney, Australia recently following the accomplishment of Transco Cargo’s successful year in 2015 of exports and imports. Transco Cargo provided a presentation of its success story, followed by a detailed description of the logistics industry and the services offered by Transco Cargo. Transco Cargo also discussed the importance of Incoterms and the levels of business entries related to exports and imports in Australia.

We had a good response to the personalities who are willing to start up a business related to Exports & Imports in Australia” stated Mr. Mohan Perera, CEO of Transco Cargo. “Many businesses were keen on receiving information about incoterms and its relation to business, so they found our infographics and videos extremely useful.” added Mr. Thushara, Operations Manager of Transco Cargo.

Transco Cargo’s objective was to educate businesses on the industry of logistics, and the importance of incoterms related to exports and imports in Australia. They further discussed the type of freight forwarding and the importance related documentation processes for businesses. The free seminar closed with a Q and A session, followed by light refreshments.

The firm was also featured on Australia’s Channel 31, where they discussed the industry of logistics and defined the business in terms of exports, imports and types of freight services they currently offer. They also discussed the differences between air and sea freight, its benefits to the customer. The complete interview can be viewed below

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It is essential that you get in contact with the vehicle standard if you plan to drive a vehicle in Australia and ensure safety requirements are met when trying to obtain permission to import a vehicle. In order to apply for a “Motor Vehicle Import Approval”. Speak to Transco Cargo on how to apply. After applying for a motor vehicle import, you should value your vehicle for customs purposes. Here are the facts you need to know before Importing Motor Vehicles to Australia.

Importing Motor Vehicles into Australia transco Cargo services

Transaction Value Method

Value of imported motor vehicles and motorcycles is assessed the following ways;

Customs will value used or new motor vehicles by calculating the transaction value. Using this method, the Customs value is based on actual payable price or invoice amount for the vehicle. Wherever the importer can show that the automobile or motor cycle was acquired to be transferred to Australia, this method can be used. Some adjustments may be made to the price paid by the importer to import the vehicle to Australia such as freight and insurance costs.

Alternate Methods of Valuation

If the transaction value method cannot be used to calculate the customs value, there is an alternative method of valuation prescribed in Section 159 of the Customs Act, which is applicable in sequential order.  Using the alternate method, customs will assess the customs value of the motor vehicle – by a qualified customs officer and may make certain changes to determine the Customs value and the landed cost.

Conversion to Australian Currency

Customs will calculate the value of the vehicle and import costs in Australian dollars. The conversion will be based on the exchange rate for the Australia dollar at the time of import.

Importing Vehicles as Tourists and Temporary Residents

Tourists and temporary residents can bring vehicles to Australia to a period of up to 12 months without paying any duties provided that they are eventually exported out of Australia.

For this concession, you must need the following;

  • A Carnet De Passages en Douanes distributed by an foreign organization which has a joint arrangement with the Australian Automobile Association, or
  • Currency or bank security, equivalent to the amount of duty and GST and, where applicable, LCT otherwise payable.

In case your vehicle is damaged or stolen whilst your stay in Australia, Customs should be notified as soon as possible at the original port of arrival.

Motor Vehicle Standards Act

The Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989, administered by the Vehicle Safety Standards Branch was first initiated in August 1989. Under this act it’s an offence to import any vehicle if it doesn’t meet the safety and emissions standards applying to Australian roads. Prior to importing a vehicle, it is advisable to contact the Vehicle safety standards.

Clearance Formalities

In order to get your vehicle cleared through Customs on time, please have all required documents ready on the day of clearing.

Vehicle Registration

Prior to importing your vehicle, you should check with the motor vehicle registration department of the state or territory where you intend to use it whether it will meet their registration requirements.

Motor vehicles imported into Australia must comply with the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989. If you require more information about importing vehicles to Australia, call us at Transco Cargo. We can help you make the process of importing a motor vehicle into Australia easier. We also offer great services for exporting motor vehicles overseas too!

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Importer Security Filing (ISF) is a requirement for freight imported to the United States of America. If in any case it is not done correctly, importers can be charged with liquidated damage fees in $5,000 increments and cargo holds. It is therefore, important to keep the following in mind, prior to importing goods into USA from Australia.

Transco Cargo ISF Filing Documentation Customs Brokerage Importing Goods into USA

Sort Filing Early As Possible To Reduce Inaccuracy

It is best to complete your ISF 3 days ahead, of your planned shipment. This way, if there are missing details and information that you require from an overseas agent or a partners, you will have enough time to collate all requirements and file your ISF accurately with no errors. More often than never, mistakes do happen. Taking a few minutes to re check all the information you have entered for your ISF, could save you time and money.

Always Maintain A Record Of Original ISF Filings

Due to external errors or issues from your end, ISF data could get lost or deleted, and you will need a record of the original filings to prove you filed the ISF originally in an accurate, timely manner.

There are also mitigation rules for ISF liquidated compensations that U.S customs and Border Protection (CBP) have created. Proving that you did file the ISF ontime originally, will help avoid penalty charge.

If you have a history of not filing or even filing late, you will still need to file the ISF despite having missed the due dates. This way, the ports are able to realize that you are trying to sort compliance.

The Importance Of Monitoring ISF

The individuals who files ISF receives movement reports through their Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) portal and you need ensure these reports are monitored, so always make sure you have the reports forwarded to you , if an external party files your ISF.

Another important check is, that to make sure your ISF is in par with your B/L and ensure there are no B/L irregularities in ACE. Ultimately the shipper is responsible for ISF, so you need to ensure you take control of the process.

Hire a Reputed Freight Forwarding Company for Importing Goods into USA

If you require guidance and assistance in your international shipping and customs issues, you could work with a customs broker, such as Transco Cargo and have us handle the ISF filings for you. Since filing ISF accurately is extremely important, failure or filing it incorrectly can lead to severe penalties between $5,000 to $10,000 per shipment.

By choosing shippers with good rapport and experience in such documentations, who are likely to avoid ISF issues altogether. Due to their strong relationships with the ports and CBP, they are often seen more favourable, which assists in easier resolutions, less fines in comparison to other shipper facing liquidated damages compensations.

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Cargo trends  are definitely bound to change for the better this year due to consistent line of supply internationally, world GDP expansion, movement of funds between countries and the boom of very large cities transforming movement of commodity around the world.

Transco Cargo Trends 2016 International Freight Forwarding

Although the international line of supply is consistent, few movements have affected the supply line. The steady improvement in exports of a quarter century descended in 2008 and now it’s starting to rebound with ease. Fast rising economies in developing countries are the best so far in history. With the increase of the aging population in western nations, the next world power could probably be China. New mechanizations are making inactive industries go back and stopping the businesses from collapsing. However, amidst the profitable and high tech changes, the cargo businesses will progressively flourish in the future.

Although supply chain doyens have been foreseeing an improved alliance with strategic providers for many years, latest improvements in high tech have set the arena right for a completely unified association of supply chains.

The skill to merchandise unused scope has generated new constructive forums for collated supply chain benefits. This is a big idea changing movement due to unused scope opportunities, decreased expenditure through third person association and latest channel resources for massive credit establishments.

In addition the internet will also play an important role in changing the game. It will improve visibility of the supply chain, agility of production line and reduce robberies.

Once the fixed sensors come down, further forms of production, supply chain achievements and sales will be surveyed in real-time.  Proceeding towards end to end clarity, point of sale statistics will update production schedules. In addition, inconsistency in cost of raw material will control upgrade and pricing for the end customer.

However, the game could be changed with further efficient production schedules, stable supply chains and waste reduction.

Substantial surge of statistics are taking business understanding and analysis of data into a modern level of finesse. Establishments are liable to get lavish profits if they could evaluate “big data” and pick on key messages.

With the recognition of the value of sharing data sets, escalation of trans-network data systems will be widely seen.

Many logistic companies will begin to move production closer to their country of origin due to rise in labor cost and transportation in Asia. This shift is called Near shoring and the  advantages are due to limited inaccessible time in regions, greater surveillance over patent, improve client interests and reduce time in change of direction.

Near shoring is also attributed to advanced technology which has reduced cost of labor, being aware of political insecurity and natural/environmental disasters, difficulty in communicating due to time zone differences and overcome issues related to maintaining standards and guarding trademark and assets.

With the increasing population globally, demand for water, goods and energy will increase drastically. Production cost will rise as demand for natural resources will begin to overtake readily available necessities.

In future, it is important to ensure that supply chain managers are abreast with the current technologies as the long standing aims are beginning to have an effect on the current business trend.

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Choosing the right shipment incoterms can greatly help in finding the best freight forwarding solution that is ideal for your cargo shipment. The word ‘Incoterms’ is a popular stock term in the international world of freight. The regulations of Incoterms are a series of pre-defined commercial terms issued by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and also the term “Incoterms” is a registered trademark of the ICC. Incoterms were first published in 1936, and have been periodically updated, with the last update being in the year 2010.

transco cargo shipment incoterms

How do Incoterms work?

Incoterms play an important role when importing or exporting goods in and out of all ports in Australia. Whether it’s finished goods, raw materials, inventory or work in progress goods that are being imported or exported, Incoterms is a practice that define the accountabilities of buyers and sellers for the delivery of products under sales agreements.

Incoterms also deal with the documentation process required for international trade, stipulating which parties are accountable for which documents. Always make sure to refer to an experienced freight forwarding company such as Transco Cargo, who can help your business to guarantee that a cooperative Incoterm is selected for international freight services. When learning how to find the right freight forwarding incoterms, the following can be of great help.

Obtaining an accurate and competitive price for your goods and gaining competitive freight costs

Since cost of shipping can be included in the price of the goods, it is best to have a clear comparison of prices, to have an idea about the market, as it is essential that comparing the prices based on the same incoterm from demand/supply points, can impact the product prices. Understanding how incoterms are used, will assist in making a decision when comparing quotes from freight forwarders.

Most organizations are smart to learn the basics of incoterms to understand the freight forwarding responsibilities. A clear knowledge allows businesses to negotiate and gain competitive quotes from freight forwarding companies.

Maintaining control and visibility and right for insurance of your goods

Incoterms you select determines how your freight forwarding company gains custody of the products for transportation. This also makes sure you have control and visibility on the transportation of your products, thus allowing the selected incoterm to give the required control and visibility to the business as it moves through the freight forwarding procedures.

There are many risks involved in the transportation of goods globally. By selecting the right incoterm you could also have control over which risks the goods can be covered with insurance. As an example, you could be shipping to or from a distressed territory which can be risky as there is no confirmation of that the goods will be transported securely through the distress. Working with a reliable freight forwarder such as Transco Cargo, you are likely to make the right decision that could reduce the risks taken , as well as save time and any additional insurance cover costs.

For any type of business that requires freight forwarding services in Australia, Incoterms make the international trade clear, so that the buyer and the seller understand their levels of responsibilities, to minimize misunderstandings, disruptions, and contract disagreements. Experiences global freight forwarders such as Transco Cargo, are most likely to offer the best advice and assist businesses in choosing the accurate incoterms for services.

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What is the China–Australia Free Trade Agreement?

The China – Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) is a bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the governments of Australia and China. The free trade agreement was signed between Australia and China on 17 June 2015. The treaty follows the usual agreement making process, and it will come into force when China concludes its domestic legal and governmental processes and, when Australian Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Treaties and the Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee finish its review. The agreement will enter into force on 20 December 2015.

China Australia Free Trade Agreement(ChAFTA)

What does it mean?

Many goods imported from China will receive a reduction in payable Duty, at the time of institution many imported goods will be free of duty, and other goods will have phasing duty rates instead. The phasing duty rates will subsequently reduce to free over the next 3 or 5 years.

How does it work?

For merchandises to qualify for preference they will need to meet the relevant rules of origin.

WO (Wholly Obtained) this rule necessitates that the merchandises solely originate in China.  This clause covers agricultural products grown in China, live animals born and raised in China, and minerals extracted in China.

WP (Wholly Produced) this rule necessitates that merchandises are made only from materials that originate in Australia or China. This clause covers products manufactured from Solely Acquired materials.

PSR (Product Specific Rules) This regulation relates to merchandises manufactured in China that contain materials that have been imported into China and also requires that the exported products meet the specific rules that apply to the exported product. These guidelines can be Wholly Obtained.

CTC (Change of Tariff Classification) and this requires that imported materials undergo a process of manufacture that results in a change in classification of those goods.

RVC (Regional Value Content) this necessitates that the exported products have a minimum percentage of value added from within China.

Specific Process of Production, this rule necessitates that non-originating resources undergo a specific processing operation within China.

What do you need to do? 

Contact your supplier or buyer as soon as possible. You maybe required to obtain a certification of origin or declaration.  It is always best to be prepared a few weeks earlier prior to any dealings with your supplier or buyer.

Understanding ChAFTA

The full text of the ChAFTA agreement as well as helpful FTA information and factsheets are available on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website. For specific questions on the agreement, email or phone DFAT on 02 6261 1111.

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Plans during the season can always be busier than expected and you may find that keeping up with the schedule might not be easy. There will be family events, gift exchanges, seasonal merrymakings and of course lots and lots of shopping! Finding the right gift can be stressful during a busy season, and especially if you have a big family and many close friends.

Sending gifts overseas to loved ones can be the most challenging out of all gift exchanges, as you may worry if you have enough time to ship the package to the recipient on time. This would definitely be a problem, unless you choose a reliable shipping company, like Transco Cargo.

Still cannot figure out gift ideas for this season? No problem! Here are some suggestions we thought would make perfect lightweight gifts to send loved ones overseas,

thu (3) - Copy

Accessories for the Season

You can send great, lightweight accessories that are in trend for the season. This is an amazing idea for family and friends who have moved overseas recently.  Choose an accessory that they could make use of, during all seasons.

Suggestions: Scarves, socks and gloves for winter, sunhat or beach wraps for summer

Transco Cargo December Shipment to India from Australia

Photo Albums

This is another great gift for someone who lives overseas. You could fill up a photo album or scrapbook with memorabilia with some hand written notes, doodles, and artwork from loved ones back home.

Suggestions: picture book albums, DIY scrapbooks,

Transco Cargo December Shipment to Fiji from Australia

Tech Accessories

These gifts are always valued by those who live away from home, especially college students or those away on employment. You could find a lightweight item that they may find useful for daily activities, or something that would help them make their professional life stress free.

Suggestions: USB portable chargers, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth keyboards

Transco Cargo December Shipment to sri lanka from Australia

Jewelry and Make up

Everyone loves a little bit of pampering! These are some of the best light weight gifts you could ship overseas. We also recommend secure packaging for the jewelry and make up prior to shipment.

Suggestions: simple silver or gold plated chains, bracelets for women, sports watches or cufflinks for men, eyeliners or lip-gloss for women, lip balm for men.


Beautiful stationary can be an ideal gift for loved ones overseas. These are also perfect lightweight gifts that are easy to ship across and can be fun to shop as well.

Suggestions: small notebooks, small diaries, lightweight journals and planners

If you let your imagination roam on gift ideas, there could be endless possibilities and options. With Transco Cargo, you do not have to worry about any shipping concerns. Whether your loved ones live half way across Australia, South Africa, or even China, you can always guarantee a reliable on time delivery with Transco Cargo.

We wish all our readers an amazing December with season’s greetings from our team at Transco Cargo, Australia.