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Choosing the right shipment incoterms can greatly help in finding the best freight forwarding solution that is ideal for your cargo shipment. The word ‘Incoterms’ is a popular stock term in the international world of freight. The regulations of Incoterms are a series of pre-defined commercial terms issued by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and also the term “Incoterms” is a registered trademark of the ICC. Incoterms were first published in 1936, and have been periodically updated, with the last update being in the year 2010.

transco cargo shipment incoterms

How do Incoterms work?

Incoterms play an important role when importing or exporting goods in and out of all ports in Australia. Whether it’s finished goods, raw materials, inventory or work in progress goods that are being imported or exported, Incoterms is a practice that define the accountabilities of buyers and sellers for the delivery of products under sales agreements.

Incoterms also deal with the documentation process required for international trade, stipulating which parties are accountable for which documents. Always make sure to refer to an experienced freight forwarding company such as Transco Cargo, who can help your business to guarantee that a cooperative Incoterm is selected for international freight services. When learning how to find the right freight forwarding incoterms, the following can be of great help.

Obtaining an accurate and competitive price for your goods and gaining competitive freight costs

Since cost of shipping can be included in the price of the goods, it is best to have a clear comparison of prices, to have an idea about the market, as it is essential that comparing the prices based on the same incoterm from demand/supply points, can impact the product prices. Understanding how incoterms are used, will assist in making a decision when comparing quotes from freight forwarders.

Most organizations are smart to learn the basics of incoterms to understand the freight forwarding responsibilities. A clear knowledge allows businesses to negotiate and gain competitive quotes from freight forwarding companies.

Maintaining control and visibility and right for insurance of your goods

Incoterms you select determines how your freight forwarding company gains custody of the products for transportation. This also makes sure you have control and visibility on the transportation of your products, thus allowing the selected incoterm to give the required control and visibility to the business as it moves through the freight forwarding procedures.

There are many risks involved in the transportation of goods globally. By selecting the right incoterm you could also have control over which risks the goods can be covered with insurance. As an example, you could be shipping to or from a distressed territory which can be risky as there is no confirmation of that the goods will be transported securely through the distress. Working with a reliable freight forwarder such as Transco Cargo, you are likely to make the right decision that could reduce the risks taken , as well as save time and any additional insurance cover costs.

For any type of business that requires freight forwarding services in Australia, Incoterms make the international trade clear, so that the buyer and the seller understand their levels of responsibilities, to minimize misunderstandings, disruptions, and contract disagreements. Experiences global freight forwarders such as Transco Cargo, are most likely to offer the best advice and assist businesses in choosing the accurate incoterms for services.

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What is the China–Australia Free Trade Agreement?

The China – Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) is a bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the governments of Australia and China. The free trade agreement was signed between Australia and China on 17 June 2015. The treaty follows the usual agreement making process, and it will come into force when China concludes its domestic legal and governmental processes and, when Australian Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Treaties and the Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee finish its review. The agreement will enter into force on 20 December 2015.

China Australia Free Trade Agreement(ChAFTA)

What does it mean?

Many goods imported from China will receive a reduction in payable Duty, at the time of institution many imported goods will be free of duty, and other goods will have phasing duty rates instead. The phasing duty rates will subsequently reduce to free over the next 3 or 5 years.

How does it work?

For merchandises to qualify for preference they will need to meet the relevant rules of origin.

WO (Wholly Obtained) this rule necessitates that the merchandises solely originate in China.  This clause covers agricultural products grown in China, live animals born and raised in China, and minerals extracted in China.

WP (Wholly Produced) this rule necessitates that merchandises are made only from materials that originate in Australia or China. This clause covers products manufactured from Solely Acquired materials.

PSR (Product Specific Rules) This regulation relates to merchandises manufactured in China that contain materials that have been imported into China and also requires that the exported products meet the specific rules that apply to the exported product. These guidelines can be Wholly Obtained.

CTC (Change of Tariff Classification) and this requires that imported materials undergo a process of manufacture that results in a change in classification of those goods.

RVC (Regional Value Content) this necessitates that the exported products have a minimum percentage of value added from within China.

Specific Process of Production, this rule necessitates that non-originating resources undergo a specific processing operation within China.

What do you need to do? 

Contact your supplier or buyer as soon as possible. You maybe required to obtain a certification of origin or declaration.  It is always best to be prepared a few weeks earlier prior to any dealings with your supplier or buyer.

Understanding ChAFTA

The full text of the ChAFTA agreement as well as helpful FTA information and factsheets are available on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website. For specific questions on the agreement, email or phone DFAT on 02 6261 1111.

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Plans during the season can always be busier than expected and you may find that keeping up with the schedule might not be easy. There will be family events, gift exchanges, seasonal merrymakings and of course lots and lots of shopping! Finding the right gift can be stressful during a busy season, and especially if you have a big family and many close friends.

Sending gifts overseas to loved ones can be the most challenging out of all gift exchanges, as you may worry if you have enough time to ship the package to the recipient on time. This would definitely be a problem, unless you choose a reliable shipping company, like Transco Cargo.

Still cannot figure out gift ideas for this season? No problem! Here are some suggestions we thought would make perfect lightweight gifts to send loved ones overseas,

thu (3) - Copy

Accessories for the Season

You can send great, lightweight accessories that are in trend for the season. This is an amazing idea for family and friends who have moved overseas recently.  Choose an accessory that they could make use of, during all seasons.

Suggestions: Scarves, socks and gloves for winter, sunhat or beach wraps for summer

Transco Cargo December Shipment to India from Australia

Photo Albums

This is another great gift for someone who lives overseas. You could fill up a photo album or scrapbook with memorabilia with some hand written notes, doodles, and artwork from loved ones back home.

Suggestions: picture book albums, DIY scrapbooks,

Transco Cargo December Shipment to Fiji from Australia

Tech Accessories

These gifts are always valued by those who live away from home, especially college students or those away on employment. You could find a lightweight item that they may find useful for daily activities, or something that would help them make their professional life stress free.

Suggestions: USB portable chargers, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth keyboards

Transco Cargo December Shipment to sri lanka from Australia

Jewelry and Make up

Everyone loves a little bit of pampering! These are some of the best light weight gifts you could ship overseas. We also recommend secure packaging for the jewelry and make up prior to shipment.

Suggestions: simple silver or gold plated chains, bracelets for women, sports watches or cufflinks for men, eyeliners or lip-gloss for women, lip balm for men.


Beautiful stationary can be an ideal gift for loved ones overseas. These are also perfect lightweight gifts that are easy to ship across and can be fun to shop as well.

Suggestions: small notebooks, small diaries, lightweight journals and planners

If you let your imagination roam on gift ideas, there could be endless possibilities and options. With Transco Cargo, you do not have to worry about any shipping concerns. Whether your loved ones live half way across Australia, South Africa, or even China, you can always guarantee a reliable on time delivery with Transco Cargo.

We wish all our readers an amazing December with season’s greetings from our team at Transco Cargo, Australia.




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If you plan on starting a business, it is important that you upgrade your knowledge on handling freight management. Handling logistics can be challenging if unplanned and mismanaged if you have little knowledge. We have identified tips that will help you improve your knowledge and manage logistics, so you can run your business operations smoothly.

Freight Management Tips for Business Transco Cargo Services

Create an Effective Business Plan

Creating a good business plan , and having all necessary details segmented into the cost of your company , equipment and essential software configured into the company’s long term business plans is important. Managing logistics will far easier when you are efficient and strategic, therefore making sure you have better business opportunities in the future. It is also important to be realistic with goals, and consider real challengers, that are ahead, and contemplate both incoming opportunities and challenges that you are ready to face.

Use New Technology

Technology has gotten better with age. There is literally and app for everything! This is where businesses can actually utilize the best of technology to manage logistics effectively. Use a good mobile app that assists you with freight management, through GPS tracking which allows confirmation of shipping information, delivery logs, and even fuel efficiency.  Using an effective transportation management software system is also important. This type of system software is created to manage all manual tasks, optimize your business and keep track of multiple shipments with data storage.

Have a “Hands on Approach”

Being proactive is something you need to take in consideration, depending on the industry your business is currently in and create opportunities on your own so your company can thrive in the long run. Get into research mode and look for more suppliers, and include them in a familiarization of your business along with other suppliers. This approach will work on the longer run during your business years and have proven to be a proactive method.

The Importance of Communication

It is important that all details related to freight be handed over to the freight management company (your service provider), as they will have an opportunity to assist you with a service to best match your requirements and connecting you with the right transporter to manage any of the specific shipping requests you may have. The service provider will work on the process followed by their consultation and analysis on the current transportation. Then, utilize that data and provide the best solution to match your requirement in order for you to reach your business goals. It is key to manage a good long-term relationship with the freight management company to sustain bottom line savings.

Is Quality Assurance Important?

Whenever you hire an expert transportation management, they’ll take care of your interests, as you as a consumer are the most important aspect of their company. A decent supplier can align themselves with different transportation corporations to supply the best service, possible to ensure a long lasting business relationship. But it is important to question them on their understanding on quality control measures, and understand if they maintain a quality assurance program, as well as the condition of their company practices and its maintenance, and if they have control checks in case of unusual events or contingencies to make sure your freight arrives on time safely. An effective recovery plan should also be organized to ensure all terms are covered when you hire them as a service provider.



Do you have any tips you would like to share on freight management? Let us know in the comments section!

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Packaging goods should always be done with great care, especially when dealing with fragile goods. You could be considering self-packaging or maybe even packaged professionally by experts such as Transco Cargo. Either way, we would like to educate you on the best packing tips for shipping your personal effects in boxes and crates.

Transco Cargo Australia Personal Effects Boxes and Crates

Finding The Right Way To Package The Right Product

All delicate items need twofold creased boxing alongside cushioned paper and air pocket wrap which would retain any sort of unnecessary bangs. All your unbreakable easily packable simple items, such as, garments, shoes, books, toys, and so forth, can be put away in an assortment of estimated boxes. On the other Kitchen goods ought to be safely stored. Each cutlery, dish and container ought to be independently packaged and stored in dish pack boxes that have additional protection. It its best not to shrink wrap any wooden items as they will not ensure the safety of the wood and may damage or dampen the item. Cushioned paper or even bubble wrap followed by a make shift box is recommended prior to any shrink wrap. Always do remember that nothing should be left uncovered or exposed, as it is important to have all items boxed.

When packaging large items, you can also simply use a make shift box. You need ensure your products do not exceed 10 inches in length, and if they do, please contact Transco Cargo for special rates. We ship almost any outsized and heavy items that are wooden crated such as steel engines, bulky printing machinery, heavy filters, etc. When a crating service is required, as experts in the industry, we assure we take care of your needs. Contact the Transco Cargo desk and inquire about crating your goods safely to where you want.

What Transco cargo boxes and crates can do for you

  • Transco Cargo boxes and crates are intended specifically for storage purposes on long journeys. It guarantees outer protection on your securely wrapped items that are placed inside.
  • The largest packaging box we supply is known as a ‘Tea Chest Box’. The dimensions of the Tea Chest Box are 63cm (height), 42cm (Length) and 44cm (width). The Tea Chest box is chiefly useful for packaging garments, shoes, bed linen and other products that are too bulky but also light to carry.
  • The largest crate we supply is known as “one and half CBM”. The dimensions of the Transco crate is 150cm (height), 121cm (Length) and 81cm (width). Crates are often used to securely transport heavy bulky products.

Whether you are packaging on your own, or getting it done professionally, an inventory list of your items is mandatory. Generalized mini descriptions of your personal effects are adequate per box or crate. When organizing your own inventory, it is best to use a simple description to identify packaging.

As an example:

-Box # 1 Legal Documentation

-Box # 2 Garments

-Box # 3 Fragile-Cutlery

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Businesses have been revolutionized in the modern world. All business organizations want to be more successful than the other and they keep looking for larger markets to promote and sell their goods and services thus choosing international markets. With the increase in importing and exporting, freight forwarding has also become a competitive business industry.

Freight forwarding is the process of transporting goods from one place to another.  A freight forwarder or freight forwarding agent helps the importers and exporters to transport their goods safely from one location to another. They help international trade take place smoothly. The modes of transport used in freight forwarding depend on the type of goods being transported.

Freight forwarding is not a new trend. It has been in existence for quite some time. Thomas Meadows and Company Limited of London, England which was established in 1836 was one of the earliest freight forwarders.  The advent of reliable rail transport and steamships and also the development in trading between Europe and North America created a high demand for freight forwarding. The first form of international freight forwarders were innkeepers in London who held the personal belongings of their hotel guests and then re forwarded it.

Most freight forwarding agents specialize in a specific service area, mode of transport or a particular market. Through the help of a freight forwarding agent you can easily transport your goods in the best possible manner suitable for the type of goods being transported. They will ensure they meet all your requirements and help you transport the goods safely and on time.

The three modes of transport used by freight forwarders include sea freight, air freight and road transport. Before deciding on the mode of transport to be used, several factors have to be considered like;

  • The size, weight and type of goods being transported
  • The time period in which the goods should reach the destination
  • The cost of transport  and whether it is affordable
  • The location the goods are being transported to
  • The value of the goods being transported. If they are highly valuable then it has to be insured
  •  Other requirements of the customer seeking transport

Any mode of transport that is used has its advantages and disadvantages but when choosing the best form of transport from all the methods that is available, the aim should be to balance the service quality, cost and time.

 As a freight forwarding agent, along with helping to transport the goods, they provide numerous other secondary trade related services along with transporting. This includes;

  • Custom clearance, where the forwarders complete paperwork and pay any taxes or duties owed on behalf of their customers
  • Other necessary documentation involved in international trade like bill of lading, commercial invoice, shipper’s export declaration and other such documents will be handled by the freight forwarding agent.
  • Freight forwarders also provide insurance services for the safety of the goods being transported
  • They also manage the inventory
  • Logistics, supply chain management of value added activities will also be handled by the freight forwarders.

 Freight Forwarding to Sri Lanka India Fiji Transco Cargo Logistics

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Transporting merchandise from across the sea can be challenging. We, at Transco Cargo offer a variety of shipping services to meet your logistics requirements that includes managing licenses coordinating with customs and other barriers that are often linked with international freight.

Transco Cargo International Freight Operator

With Transco Cargo, your organisation is able to gain instant strategic benefits through our international volumes and well established relationships with renowned shipping companies to enrich your supply chain’s performance.

Our Services

The following includes some of our international shipping services;

  • Air freight
  • Customs Management
  • Daily order process and consolidation management
  • International Freight Forwarding
  • Weighted average price calculation and quotation
  • Customs and quarantine clearance supervision and problem shooting
  • Imported item warehouse transfer / local logistics management
  • Import duty study and compliancy

Contingency plan and execution International Freight Forwarding

Air Freight

Through our esteemed relationships within the industry we are able to provide air freight shipments, at a reasonably low cost, within the shortest time frame, but still at the highest level of consistency and reliability. Utilising our 20 years of experience in the industry, we guarantee reliable delivery of freight to your destination country.

Sea freight

With our close partnerships with all of the international shipping lines, we are able to offer competitive sea freight rates, while guaranteeing volume for our clients even during peak seasons. With 20 years’ experience in the industry, we have defined comprehensive agreements with shipping lines, which assures HFM quality standards, along with availability of capacity and equipment delivery.

Along with our international network of agents, we offer professional care for handling practices at ports and guarantee that all relevant shipping detail and material is submitted accordingly.

  • Full Container Loads (FCL)
  • Less Container Loads (LCL)
  • Dry & Temperature Controlled
  • Bulk
  • Sea / Air Transports

Long Haul Inland Freight Management

Our planned routes across the globe and throughout Asian countries like Sri Lanka, enables us to provide competitive transportation rates. All vehicles used for transportation are equipped with temperature recording units which allow us to track accurate locations at any given time. As a reliable freight forwarding company we live up to our slogan, “We love to deliver”. We also offer the following services for the convenience of our business clients and personal effect shipping customers

  • Negotiation of drayage rate and industrial rate validation
  • Daily manage trucker delivery before vessel cut off.
  • Double seal / security management
  • Premium Export Drayage Space availability and acceptance standards execution

Contact Transco Cargo for a quotation for your shipping and international freight requirements.

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For decades, the process of customs clearance has been identified as work that involves the groundwork preparation and submission of required documentation to expedite imports and exports into/from a country. The process is also known for usually representing the client during the process and customs examination, that includes payment of duty taxes and taking charge of the delivery of the client’s cargo after the clearance along with all relevant documentation.

Importing and Customs Clearance in Australia with Transco Cargo Customs Brokerage Services

For custom’s clearance, there are two main documentations required,

1. Exports Documentation:

The documentation that allows to purchase order from Buyer, Sales Invoice, Packing List, , Bill of Lading or Air Way Bill, Shipping Bill,Certificate of Origin and other specific documentation as identified by the buyer, or as requested by financial institutions or LC terms or as per importing  port or country regulations.

2. Imports Documentation:

The documentation that allows to purchase Order from Buyer, Sales Invoice of supplier, Bill of Entry, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading or Air way bill, and any other specific documentation mandatory by the buyer, or financial institution or the importing port or country regulation.

Every single port across the globe transports your cargo through a custom’s clearance process as a basic requirement for maintenance of safety, quality control, and government imposed regulations. One port’s regulation may differ to another, and laws may differ from country to country, that allows agents who specialize in clearance terms to expand their knowledge on these terms. Having an updated knowledge on these specific laws and regulations are extremely important to a transporter importing and exporting goods.

Getting The Right Customs Broker

Experts in customs clearance are known as customs brokers, who have expertise in handling Imports and export documentation.

When a shipment arrives, it is usually contained in a warehouse until the customs clearance process begins. Working with the wrong customs broker can be unfavorable. If the customs broker is unable to assist on time, in accumulation to warehousing fee there could be supplementary fees and multiple taxes that add onto the clearance charge by customs regulations.

It also common for freight forwarders to handle customs clearance, but many organizations feel comfortable to work directly with a customs broker, who is believed to be further experienced in the customs clearance process, and able to resolve issues quicker than a freight forwarder.

For these known reasons, working with a low cost freight forwarder to handle international shipping can turn out to be much more costly than hiring a customs broker with a slightly higher quote but who has much more experience in the business. Reliable freight forwarders such as Transco Cargo who also offer customs brokerage services can offer you’re the convenience and peace of mind to ensure that your shipments are in safe hands.

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If you are moving house and you need help shipping household goods and other personal effects from your current location to your new one (even if it’s overseas), Transco Cargo can help you.  When it comes to personal effects shipping, you acquire the boxes or crates to pack your household goods and other personal effect items. This is usually the case when you opt for LCL shipping overseas or when you are moving to another house in the same country. However, as there are various situations that may come up when packing heavy or bulky items, Transco Cargo can make life easier by offering various services. If the customer in the case of LCL shipping does the inventory, a final volume measurement is carried out before loading.Transco Cargo Staff Shipping Household Goods Personal Effect Shipping FAQ

Evaluating the Volume of Household Goods and Personal Effects for Shipping Quotes

When it comes to shipping personal effects/household goods, Transco Cargo will visit your residence to assess the cargo before providing a quote only when the goods in question is large in volume and packing will be complicated when it comes to FCL or LCL basis of shipping cargo overseas.  In all other cases, you are able to get in contact Transco Cargo by visiting the website and filling out the contact form, emailing them or even calling the hotline!

Packing Your Household Goods and Personal Effects

If you also require help with packing, Transco Cargo will send a team to ensure that your household goods and personal effects are packed correctly so that no goods will be harmed during transit. The packing service is offered at a fee. However, in the event that you wish to pack household goods/personal effects for shipment yourself, you can also purchase the likes of bubble wrap or packing fillers from the Transco Cargo warehouse. The packaging can also be delivered to your location as a value added service.  In the event that you wish to pack and load your goods without the assistance of Transco Cargo and if you have requested a FCL shipment, then Transco Cargo will  drop off the container at an agreed upon location. This is done often so that the costs to the customer is minimised.

Shipping your Vehicles

In the event you are looking to ship your car overseas in a container, along with your household goods and personal effects, in order to maximise on space and utilise the container to its fullest, Transco Cargo can setup Lashing which will allow you to load items into the same container space. However, it should be noted that most countries will require the household goods/personal effects to be loaded separately (where the vehicle and other goods are separated). In the event you need it to be sent together, the container can be separated using a wood wall loading the household goods/personal effects in the other section separating it from the vehicle.

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Decisions need to be made when it comes to your business, as it is often the case when it comes down to day-to-day choices even if it’s a simple as tea or coffee. However, when you require international shipping services, whether it’s for business or personal uses, there are many factors to consider. One decision is which method of international freight you should choose (the choices being air freight or ocean freight). Whether you need to ship a load of cargo overseas or need to send personal effects when moving overseas, then you should consider these factors, such as availability of goods in hand (speed) as well as reliability too. Let’s look at each more closely.

International Shipping Ocean Freight Air Freight


One of the first things that you look into when you request an international shipping quote would be how much it will cost you to get your goods from Point A to Point B! Whilst businesses may look at the bottom line (the company’s income once expenses have been deducted from the revenue) or if you’re looking at personal effects shipping overseas then budget would be your biggest concern.  Some say that ocean freight is a cheaper option against air freight, and this may be the case in certain situations, however, that doesn’t mean it’s a rule of thumbs. You may find situations where it’s reversed.

Air freight carriers bill by chargeable weight with a calculation based on the weight and the size of the shipment, whereas sea freight carriers charge by container rates where the most commons are 20’ & 40’.  In the event that you are shipping less than a Full Container Load (FCL), your quote will be calculated depending on the size of your shipment by cubic meter. If you are looking at large or heavy shipments of goods, then you are right to choose ocean freight and decide between LCL (Less than Container Load) and FCL. However if the shipment is smaller, the air freight rates may be more desirable as it could be cheaper to ship via air freight when the shipment is smaller.

Another cost factor that plays a hand here would also be customs clearance charges and other destination fees (including warehousing rates at seaports). All these factors should be considered when assessing the budget between air freight and ocean freight.


If you look at speed, then air freight is the sure-fire winner. If you have an urgent need where time saved is money saved then paying extra for air freight to make up for lead time is justified. In the event you needed a time advantage and considered transit time between air freight and sea/ocean freight, air freight will take 3-7 days for delivery whilst it could be 12-14 days on the shorter scale for shipping by sea.


In terms of reliability, despite air freight being newer to the centuries old sea freight, you will find that shipping by air is more reliable as companies are on top of schedules despite the natural setbacks and unforeseen circumstances. Also you need to look at the goods you are planning on shipping. If you have perishable or fragile goods that require specific care such as moisture control, then choose air as not all shipping containers are air tight or look at moisture control.

These are just factors to consider in terms of ensuring safe passage from Point A to Point B. What is your preferred choice of freight when shipping internationally?


We’ve also recently updated the Transco Cargo Mobile website after a loyal customer gave us some good feedback.

You said “… it’s not mobile friendly with the banner taking up most of the screen…”! We heard you and we have updated the site…thanks! Check it out now!

Transco Cargo mobile view fix feedback